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  1. Mak 1

    Lion Login Animation?

    Does anybody get this animation on login screen? I saw this animation one time, when i was installed lion 10.7.0 with xMove, on the very first login screen just after the clean install. The graphics card ROM Revision was reported as EFI penGL Engine... in system profiler at the first time...
  2. Mak 1

    Strange Lion Logout Login Issue. [SOLVED]

    -I have this screen when computer goes to autosleep -Every option is default in Energy Saver and Security & Privacy options. -The machine is sleeping even if apps working, and then it logs the user out. But it is not set to logout after sleep or something. Then when i wake it up, this strange...
  3. Mak 1

    Lion. Slow Shutdown.

    Anybody have this issue? Lion shuts down in about 10-15 seconds now. There are strings in shutdown screen: com.diskarbitation or something like that and delays the shut down process. Fresh lion install shuts down diskartbitation messages in shutdownscreen. Is there any app or...
  4. Mak 1


    I set up iChat for the first time today. so i have no buddies on the list. is there anyone around to have an ichat conversation? You can pm your adress to me, if you don't want to show it here. :)
  5. Mak 1

    Check your App Compatibility for Lion.

    RoaringApps Useful site that you can check whether your apps are compatible for Lion or not.
  6. Mak 1

    Internal Sata HDD shown as External Sata HDD.[ SOLVED ]

    This is the picture of the issue No Changes before and after Yellow icon fix in DSDT. It was't like this, Before 10.7.2 update but i don't know if the update caused this. I had to made some changes on DSDT after update (Graphics, Audio). And also it shows them as external in the sidebar...
  7. Mak 1

    Show Your Appreciation.

    Thanks TonyMacX86 for this forum. Thanks for the Lurkers, Noobs, GeeksInTraining, eGeeks, Geeks, iGeeks, UberGeeks, iGeniuses, Mods, and Admins for their help and support.This forum helped me very much. iThank you for everything you did, everything you are doing and everything you are willing to...
  8. Mak 1

    Random SATA DVD Recognition Issue [ HELP ]

    I have this issue from the beginning of my Sata DVD journey. Sometimes Mac OS X does not recognize the Sata DVD. Other times it works well (Recording, Erasing etc...) It is always recognized in BIOS but on Mac Desktop it sometimes not recognized. System Profiler shows it as Unknown. OS: From...
  9. Mak 1

    Wallpapers for tonymacx86 community.

    Thanks for tonymacx86 and the hackintosh community. :clap: :clap:Feel free to share. Shortcuts to my Custom Designs... Custom No.1(16:9)= KP Custom No.1(4:3)= KP Custom No.2(16:9)= KPCURE Custom No.3(16:10)= B42L8 Custom No.4(16:10)= The New Beast Custom No.5(16:10)= BeastUnleashed Custom...
  10. Mak 1

    Bluetooth fail - send or receive files. [ HELP ]

    Adapter Details from System Profiler: Bluetooth USB Host Controller: Product ID: 0x0001 Vendor ID: 0x0a12 (Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.) Version: 19,15 Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Location ID: 0x5a200000 / 2 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 0 Possitive: *Works...
  11. Mak 1

    Success Installation of Mac OS X Lion

    :thumbup: :thumbup: Congrats. We nearly have the same harware or let's say chipsets. I have Sleep working with patched dsdt and newest chameleon bootloader.
  12. Mak 1

    Mac Messenger, Skype - Kernel Panic. [ SOLVED ]

    *When i start microsoft mac:messenger video call, after i accept it works 10-20 seconds then AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext, IONetworkingFamily.kext causes Kernel Panic. If i accept only voice call it Kernel Panics Instantly. *Tried Skype test call as well and instantly had a Kernel Panic. Any Help...
  13. Mak 1

    App Store Login Error Solution

    Solution Always make a backup of your files before proceed. Install Latest Lnx2Mac Network Drivers for RTL81xx Chipsets to get better results. Fixed Network Interface should look like this. Service name can be differ but Interface must be the same...
  14. Mak 1

    Too hard to boot

    Re: Too hard to boot and safaria stuck You must not check everything while installing Multibeast. Refer to the forum for basic necessary kexts before install. While you on the chimera screen boot with verbose -v and collect the kp error. or you can take the kp screen picture and post it an we...
  15. Mak 1

    Colin Mcrae: DiRT 2 on App Store.

    Colin Mcrae: DiRT2 is released for Mac OS. Check it out on App Store. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  16. Mak 1

    Windows 7+ Lion + Snow Leopard (Tripleboot) - on GA-P43-ES3G

    After a a long night I have successfully installed and using LION 10.7.1 . Everything is working fine as well as my Snow Leopard. I made a clean install for lion on the same HDD alongside with Snow Leopard. And now i am using both OS on 1 HDD (Multiboot). Native Power Management - Working...