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  1. chiendo97

    [solved] Lilu - Kernel panic after updating security from AppStore

    Hello guys. When I got Kernel panic, I have to boot in safe mode, rebuild cache and I can boot normally ONLY AFTER FEW TIME then panic has come again. After few tests and wandering around other topics, I find out Lilu is the reason. But after I tried update Lilu to newest version (1.2.3) and...
  2. chiendo97

    Auto deactivate Microsoft Office license after reboot.

    Hi guys. I'm facing a very weird issus. After I activated successfully my office in my hackintosh, Microsoft server detect my hack as a NEW macbook profile as the same name (you guys can see the picture I attached for more details). So after I reboot, my office is deactivated and I had to...
  3. chiendo97

    Dell N3459 - HD520 - HDMI Video issue

    Hi guys. I'm having trouble with HDMI-Video. When I plugged HDMI cable in, the extend monitor displayed normally but my laptop monitor showed really laggy mouse and graphics. But next I plugged HDMI cable out, the monitor went dark while the backlight still working so I have to restart my laptop...