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  1. wow001

    [Release] Hackintool v3.x.x

    I have been using Hackintool 3.4.0 to set my USB ports and was a little confused when to set usb C ports to “TypeC+Sw” or “TypeC” I am confused by what is meant in the help section about both orientations? "If it uses the same HSxx/SSxx in both orientations" Does this mean when you swap the...
  2. wow001

    Hackintool not showing USB 3.1 Devices

    Try clicking on the inject icon to be able to see the missing USB ports.
  3. wow001

    [Success 10.15.3] AsRock Z370/Z390 itx/ac + 8700K + RX5700

    Has the EFI folder been deleted from this thread?
  4. wow001

    [Success] ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX + TB3 + iGPU + Mojave + SFF Build

    Is there a reason why the MacMini 8,1 config file was remove from the first post showing the build and mentions both config file for iMac and MacMini 8,1? I am building a new hackintosh as a MacMini replacement using ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX and i7-9600K processor. Or can some one re...
  5. wow001

    macOS Catalina 10.15.0 - USB Port-Limit Removal Patch

    It worked a treat, my usb 3.0 ports did work after upgrading to 10.15 thanks to utterdisbelief for the settings
  6. wow001

    The FireWire 800/400 card to own for 100% compatibility

    I purchased the Syba SD-PEX30009 card and the StarTech PEX1394B3LP and from Amazon UK. Both cards worked straight out of the box, High Sirrea and Mojave. Sleep...