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    anyone try hwmonitor on mojave?

    i only see hdd and ssd temperature, even with still no cpu temp

    [Guide] GA-Z87N-WiFi / i5 / GTX 750 Ti / 10.13.6 (High Sierra)

    GA-Z87N-WIFI GIGABYTE 8th Series LGA 1150 Intel Mini ATX Intel Motherboard Intel i5 4440S Corsair Vengeance 8GBx2 GeForce GTX 750 Ti BIOS Ver. F6c Hackintosh Essentials; MultiBeast - High Sierra 10.3.0 NVIDIA CUDA for OS X 10.13 NVIDIA Web Drivers for OS X 10.13.6 Clover Configuration EFI...

    [Solved] clover wont inject kexts (i've ruin my build)

    A month ago I make a success build with Sierra and wrote a guide for it here. until recently i was testing out old hardware and installing shitty kexts. the os is fine but i wanted a clean install. I did a clean install, followed my guide as usual. then something bad happen; this is how i get...

    Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WiFi / i5 / GTX 750 Ti / 10.12.6 (Sierra)

    GIGABYTE 8th Series, GA-Z87N-WIFI LGA 1150 Intel Mini ATX Intel Motherboard Corsair Vengeance 8GBx2 GeForce GTX 750 Ti BIOS Ver. F6c Hackintosh Essentials for this build; MultiBeast Sierra Edition NVIDIA CUDA for OS X 10.12 NVIDIA Web Drivers for OS X 10.12.6 Apple IntelE1000E (Intel Ethernet...

    Z87N Clover 10.10.5 BSOD

    I follow the yosemite desktop guide up until i have to install clover EFI to the OS X drive (i checked mine is disk0s2). But when i try to boot off the HDD instead of the USB. it got me a black screen of death. However!! after many failed attempt i decide to copy the entire EFI content from USB...

    did 10.10.5 broke iMessage text forward?

    i did a fresh install of 10.10 using clover guide then combo update to 10.10.5. then i remember to setup text forward from iPhone. but the probook doesn't give me the code. ooo! i also notice btmm doesn't work either. although it did work in the past. previously i was on 10.10.3 until my...

    got your Back To My Mac working?

    on probook 10.10.3 i can see the "airport time capsule" but it fails to connect.

    anyone have mouse kext?

    i fear my the left button on my laptop is going to worn, is there a touchpad kext with touch clicks that works?

    imessage noob

    here is my stupid question; because i didn't learn about imessage debug and one day i update to 10.9.x and my imessage stopped working. i am d00m but what if i made a different apple id for imessage?

    hdmi doesn't work

    how come nobody talk about this?

    official apple lion usb installer (questions)

    not sure if this question go under hardware/software i may have made an error but i cannot get an old mbp to load maverick usb installer. i made it with terminal command. i can't use the old osx because the hdd clicks and there was no ssd onboard :( im considering buying the usb installer...

    concerning about psu wattage

    so this is my shopping cart; mobo GA-Z87N-WIFI ram 16GB (32GB if i can) intel i5 (looking at 1GB intel hd) will be using old sata 2.5" hdd (320GB) wont be using disc drive wont be having multi hdd/ssd - one is enough the newer antec mini itx case got 150w psu. it even looks bigger...

    HP DV3510nr usb problem

    link: ... P_DV3510NR it's like this; when i boot up with iphone plugged in, it is charging but itunes isn't reconizing it. if i unplkug the usb and put it back in, i loose the charging status. it doesn't charge anymore even my usb mouse isn't working...

    can't login to mac app store

    is this just me? i restarts a couple times alrdy, i verify the accpunt works on my appletv. 10.7.3

    anyone purchase hd video from itunes?

    it won't plays, saying sometihng about hdcp. google was no help its like nobody buys stuff from itunes.

    nvidia 8400M GT

    anyone has got this card fully working?

    how is your facetime working out?

    i setup my facetime today, it works but really annoying to the listener. since it only affect the otherside you won't know unless you monitor it. Trying calling your iPhone.

    does dv7-6b32us work?

    Anyone have hp dv7-6b32us with lion? Staples have it on sales with only 1day left. I been holding out but the specs made me coming back everyday.

    mi atheros wifi can't find signals

    nvm it's solved, but does anyone else gets bsod when booting from battery? i had to plug my charger in to avoid desktop bsod.

    no wifi upon second boot (needs advice)

    this card works on 10.6.8; with 10.7 it worked once upon first boot after creating login account. once reboot i gets no wifi, airport won't activate. i dont understand the above message. can someone help me figure this out? i wants to try chameleon bootloader but i am stuck with chimera. how...