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    [HELP] FaceTime & webcam working, but black screen

    I've got my webcam working (tested with the safari webcam test & Photo Booth), but on FaceTime (working btw) my webcam is black. How can I fix it? Also it shows in the Camera section of System Information. macOS 10.5.6 internal webcam ASUS vivobook s15

    iMessage not working no matter what I do

    I've been trying to get my iMessage and FaceTime working but no success no matter what I do. Everything is working besides these 2 things. -followed the idiot's guide on here no success either -NVRAM is working as tested with the HelloWorld testvar -Serial and every value is good -eth0 wifi...

    Solved > Weird glitches on Youtube videos

    I got working my ASUS Vivobook S15 Hackintosh recently and all going well. The only problem that I'm facing is some weird glitches while playing YouTube videos only on 1080p and only on fullscreen. The glitches are randomly a part of the video turns grey for just a frame, then its normal, then...