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  1. Totti

    Solved > Unable to play videos in Mojave while speakers are turned off

    Quite possible the strangest issue I've ever had to deal with. I spent literally days troubleshooting to see if it was an iGPU issue, QuickTime issue, VLC issue. And as it turns out, my system: - Z170XUD5TH -6600 -RX580 -AUDIOENGINE A2+ speakers If I have the speakers plugged in but turned...
  2. Totti

    Big MKV files taking forever to open (Quicktime) on seperate HDD

    Hi guys, I have High Sierra set up on a APFS SSD. My TV shows are set up on a seperate non APFS drive. Ever since updating, quicktime seems to bounce in the dock while it's 'verified' before opening. Never seen this happen. Any ideas?
  3. Totti

    Lost Bluetooth Support After Upgrading to High Sierra

    Hi guys, has anyone lost Bluetooth support? I use native apple device But for some reason my keyboard and mouse don't work (Keyboard works when plugged in via USB). Then when I reboot...
  4. Totti

    System very slow after wake for 1-2 mins

    Hi team, This only very recently started effecting me. Could the problem be related to kernel_task ? It seems like it slowly throttles down how much memory it uses, but system is painfully slow despite almost total free CPU, and still 4-5gb free of 32gb. After a minute or two, computer is back...
  5. Totti

    System stability going from 12,2 to 14,2

    What issues am i likely to enounter? Its the only way I could get my hack to boot into Sierra (Sandy Bridge Build with 560ti). I have my old SSDT and DSDT in there, and everything looks ok, but should I be worried about anything?
  6. Totti

    SOLVED black screen - Sierra - Fermi - 560ti - READ ON

    What a momentous occasion!!! Finally got it up and running guys. The Problem: You've probably read it a million times for different cards. The dreaded black screen issue for Sierra. Like many, you probably had a working system in El Cap but now after updating you get the BSOD. (Black Screen of...
  7. Totti

    Black screen - Sierra - iMac 12,2 - 560ti

    Hi guys, As per the title, I'm seeing a black screen on boot with a 12,2 system definition. I tried the AGPFix to no avail. Tried using the new web driver kext to no avail. I can boot when VESA drivers are used however. if i inject nvidia it causes a KP. Any help greatly appreciated. This on...
  8. Totti

    Any reason wifi wouldn't work?

    Hi guys, I just bout an adaptor for bluetooth/wifi from a trusted website (OEM parts) (the first one worked perfectly), but for some reason only the bluetooth is loading fine.. No wifi? I used mausiethernet for ethernet, does El Cap and Skylake need some sort of kext or other fix to get wifi...
  9. Totti

    What Skylake System Profile?

    Hi guys, Finally replacing my Sandy Bridge after years of reliable service.. Running El Cap at present. What system profile (And why) would you recommend for this setup? Any known issues with any components here? The only thing missing is the motherboard which will be a Z170X-UD5 TH -...
  10. Totti

    Can't update nVidia drivers + Safari causing intermittent freezes

    hi guys, build is a Sandy Bridge setup with a Geforce 560ti, running 10.10.3 and clover with no real problems up until lately. Now, Safari is causing my computer to lock up intermittently, sometimes it will log out to login screen, other times it will hang all together. Furthermore, nVidia...
  11. Totti

    10.10.2 KP with latest Nvidia Drivers (560ti)

    Hi guys, Is anyone else in the same boat as me? Installed to 10.10.2 no dramas. OS X advised me it had switched me back to Apple Default Drivers. Updated Nvidia through the box that appeared on screen, rebooted and BANG. Instant KP. Am I the only one out there like this? Running Clover...
  12. Totti

    Realtek 8111e capped at 10mb on 10.10

    Hi guys, As title says - My usual download speeds have been ~ 100mb, but for some reason i can't seem to get full power on the 10.10. Has anyone else encountered this? I am just using RealtekRTL81xx.kext - using Clover to boot. Should I be putting anything specific in my DSDT or in Clover?
  13. Totti

    Z68x-UD5-B3 - Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport

    Z68x-UD5-B3 - USBECHI Handover KP Hi guys, I can get Clover to boot, but when I try the installer I get the "yosemite missing bluetooth controller transport" KP. Anyone have any idea where to start? I am using Z68x-UD5-B3, Bios F6, using Tony's DSDT database file. I am using the kexts and...
  14. Totti

    System Locks up after 5-10 mins.

    Hi guys, Recently re-formatted due to a failed hard drive. The hard drive is sitting in a heap, and I started from scratch on a new disk (Lost my DSDT, all kexts etc so I am using a pre-config'd DSDT for my mobo but no added extras. After 10 or so minutes, my computer just freezes and...