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  1. countergame

    ASUS R9 290 & Mojave > Need Help to Get Working

    I'm currently running macOS Sierra (10.12.6) latest security patch with the Asus R9 290 Direct CU II R9290-DC2OC-4GD5 graphics card. I followed this guide to get it to work and on Sierra it runs fantastic, i don't need the iGPU to start the os and etc.. but the problem is, it only works on...
  2. countergame

    [GUIDE] Getting R9 290/390 (non-X) to work on Sierra (10.12) AND High Sierra (10.13)

    I finally managed to get it to work by following l1nkdna's tutorial and everything works fine, except it only works on Sierra. HS & Mojave immediately Kernel Panics if you try to boot it with the custom HEX. I'm now stuck on this version until i buy a different and compatible gpu :D (ASUS R9 290)
  3. countergame

    GTX 960 graphic glitches on Sierra

    Hi, i already posted this in the nvidia driver topic but it seems that nobody knows what's going on. I'm using the GTX 960 since Yosemite and didn't have any problems with it. Since Sierra the glitches are getting even worse. First my second card (GT 640) always had strange lines on the desktop...
  4. countergame

    Black Screen After Updating to 10.12.5

    So it seems that i'm the only one who's having problems with the 960 on Sierra? Since no one replied to my post yet. I'm now using the AMD Radeon HD 7700 with the patched verde.kext to fix the yellow screen bug. Of course it's a dramatic downgrade but Apple is using AMD videocards anyway so...
  5. countergame

    Black Screen After Updating to 10.12.5

    I'm having serious problems with the NVIDIA drivers on OS X. I have the GTX 960 and it always ran just fine on Yosemite - El Cap. But since Sierra, the NVIDIA drivers are getting even worse. I don't have this problem on Windows and no, my videocard is not broken nor is getting too hot.
  6. countergame

    EvoReboot trashed my MoBo

    Yeah i already tried that, but it didn't fix the problem.
  7. countergame

    EvoReboot trashed my MoBo

    Since i had a lot of graphics bugs with my GTX 960 on El Capitan & macOS Sierra i tried to install Yosemite and test if it works better. Yosemite had problems shutting down/restarting my computer so i installed EvoReboot, but it totally trashed my MoBo. If i press the reset button on my...
  8. countergame

    New Method for Enabling NVIDIA Web Drivers in Clover

    nvda_drv=1 hasn't been removed from the newest version of clover. I replaced "nvda_drv=1" with "webdriver" and it used the standard OS X drivers after rebooting.. It also removed the flag from the plist automatically.
  9. countergame

    NVIDIA web driver glitch issue

    Yep, i have the same problem with my second videocard (GT 640) which is connected to my second monitor. It's working fine on Yose/El Cap though.
  10. countergame

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta

    Second monitor (GT 640) is still messed up.
  11. countergame

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta

    I'm using a second NVidia videocard (GT 640) for my second monitor and it's completely broken. It does render everything fine except the background image.. If you restart from Windows to macOS, it also displays the last image that has been rendered on Windows. EDIT: And, no.. My videocard is...
  12. countergame

    [Solved] Error "The installer payload failed signature check"

    I had the same problem but solved it by just using a different USB port.
  13. countergame

    [SOLVED] macOS Sierra GM2 USB Problem

    Yep! This solved the problem :) Thanks!
  14. countergame

    [SOLVED] macOS Sierra GM2 USB Problem

    Hi, I finally managed to get macOS Sierra fully installed on my PC. Realtek/NVidia/CPU is working fine so far.. But the only problem i have right now are the USB ports. The strange thing is that only some of the USB ports work. It detects the keyboard & usb stick, but not the mouse and my USB3...
  15. countergame

    UniBeast and MultiBeast for EL Capitan?

    Oh no :/ Clover never worked on my pcs & laptops.
  16. countergame

    Custom Extra Folder Icon

    Nice! I really like it, thanks :)
  17. countergame

    MultiBeast 6.4 Update

    6.4 is the best update! It fixed all the bugs that i had with my Hackintosh. Thanks :)