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  1. iserviceclub17

    Dual Gpus. Will it work??

    Hello! I have a question to the forum. I am thinking to buy another Gigabyte Gtx 760 2Gb and use it as dual gpu-sli. My build is dual boot and i will use this set up for gaming in windows. So will it work?? My rig:Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H(1.1) Gigabyte GTX 760 2Gb 32Gb crusial ballistix i7-4790k 2...
  2. iserviceclub17

    Starts Installation But Reboots - Help

    Hello! Nice job!I have a problem with my setup. I do all the steps but when the loading screen completes it doesn't continue to install screen (language,disk utility eat...) and restart. Any ideas? Gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H i5 4690K GTX 760
  3. iserviceclub17

    How To Change Clover's Theme?

    Hello! i have a question. Do you know how to change the theme in Clover Bootloader?
  4. iserviceclub17

    10.10.4 Update cause problems

    I did a clean setup. All was good until tonight! It won't reboot or shut down. :banghead: This is my settings in multibeast. Please helpppp:sick:
  5. iserviceclub17

    10.10.3 Geekbench Benchmark Lower than 10.10.2

    Hi! My firt score was around 18000 with iMac configuration in Multibeast. Now i am on 10.10.3 and the configuration changed in Mac pro and i am getting around 14000. If i change again into iMac i will have problems? Thanks as advance!
  6. iserviceclub17

    Problem! I can t boot from hd (restart)

    I built my first Pc and i am trying to make it Hackintosh! I have the following Gigabyte ga z97x-ud5h 2x ssd samsung evo 850 120gb 1 hdd seagate baracuda 1tb Crucial Ballistix tactical 32gb Gigabyte gtx 760 intel core i7 4790k Corsair rm 750w noctua nh d15 Fractal design define r4 I follow the...