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  1. armendegga

    Apple Releases macOS Sierra 'Golden Master' GM Candidate to Beta Testers

    This. I was also getting the grey screen of death... For some reason I didn't have the FakeSMC and NullPowerManagement kexts in the Other folder. Added them, and the installer booted right up.
  2. armendegga

    Sierra Desktop/Realtek AppleHDA Audio

    I removed it from the other thread. I finally managed to get it working. While I did the clover install on the USB drive when I was doing the initial Sierra upgrade, I forgot to install Clover the actual HD afterwards.
  3. armendegga

    Sierra Desktop/Realtek AppleHDA Audio

    Weird. I can't get it working over here. I have followed the directions and posted all requested files/attachments to the other thread. (Hopefully that was where it was supposed to go).
  4. armendegga

    Kernel Panic Immediately On Launch

    So after my last fiasco with just getting the grey screen and spinning ball, I followed some instructions and removed all the 10.x folders in the kexts folder. This let me boot from OS X Install, where the installation completed successfully. After install, I am getting a kernel panic...
  5. armendegga

    Grey Screen/Spinning Ball when booting installer

    THIS!!! The only change I made was DELETING all the 10.x folders except the Other folder (which only contained facesmc.kext). THIS FINALLY WORKED!!!!!! No idea why having all the 10.X folders was screwing it up!!! Finally it's installing!!!
  6. armendegga

    Grey Screen/Spinning Ball when booting installer

    This didn't work for me:( It's so weird that I can use and boot into Yosemite fine, but just can't boot into the Installer.
  7. armendegga

    Grey Screen/Spinning Ball when booting installer

    Yep, that's what mine looks like!
  8. armendegga

    Grey Screen/Spinning Ball when booting installer

    I put the kexts in the other folder as well (they're in both places). No difference. When booting the installer in verbose mode: I get the usual Sound Assertion in AppleHDADriver Then it says: Wed Sep 30 iMac.local[1] (org.ntp.sntp.117) <Warning>: Service exited with...
  9. armendegga

    Grey Screen/Spinning Ball when booting installer

    Hi all, I have been unable to boot the El Capitan installer. I am upgrading from Yosemite using the app store app. I have put the kexts (fakesmc, powernull) in the 10.11 folder, I've made the adjustments to config.plist to include the booterconfig, and csractiveconfig under rtvariables. When I...
  10. armendegga

    Direct Update to OS X El Capitan Using Clover

    So I completed the steps listed, and when I boot OS X Install, I only get to a grey screen with spinning ball. I have put the FakeSMC in the kexts folder on EFI partition, and added the arguments to config.plist. Can't figure out why it's doing it? Using clover 3270. Upgrading from Yosemite.
  11. armendegga

    [iMessage] Contact not registered, facetime works though

    I'm getting the same thing... After an unlock as well.