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  1. jsedita

    Successful install using MultiBeast 7.0

    I have an Asus Rampage Formula 3 motherboard with and radeon cards
  2. jsedita

    Successful install but no sound or icloud

    I was able to do a fresh install using unibeast of 10.9 but i have 2 problems right now. No sound what so ever. and no functioning messenger on iCloud . any suggestions? Im running an asus rampage 3 MB
  3. jsedita

    Successful Install Asus Rampage Formula lll

    **[Successful]** Install Asus Rampage Formula lll First a little bit about my system. I am running an Asus Rampage Formula lll. Core i7 965 Extreme Edition Processor. 2 XFX ATI Radeon HD6870 (Not Cross fired) . 2 OCZ Vertex lll 120g SSD HDD's and 1 160g Western Digital HDD running Windows 7...
  4. jsedita

    Need help with multi beast after a successful install ..

    Hello I am new here and am actually amazed that I was able to not only install 10.7 but update it right from the software update to 10.7.2. !! AMAZING !!!. My hardware is as follows : Asus Rampage Formula 3 - 3.2ghz Core i7 Extreme Edition - 24gb 1335mhz DDR3 - Radeon HD 6870. My problems are as...