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  1. FranzWerfel

    Probook 4530s won't boot after ... well, things just happened!

    This is a long story. My spouse and I have 4530s's that are identical save that hers has the fingerprint scanner and it's a little older. But identical. I can boot both machines up from their respective backups. My wife's 4530s has had some spotty wifi issues. After examining her machine, I...
  2. FranzWerfel

    After installing High Sierra to HDD backup ... no luck on SSD

    I have an older motherboard in a G4 case. I recently updated it to Clover and Sierra using this guide: Then, as an experiment, I tried to upgrade to High Sierra on the backup drive, which is a 250GB...
  3. FranzWerfel

    Silver touch-up paint for stock G5?

    Hello all, While removing the old I/O metal, some of the edges on the handles were scuffed, marring the original finish. Is there a silver touchup pen out there that would be a good match and hide these?
  4. FranzWerfel

    BlackCH's G5 front panel cable header instructions

    Does anyone have a spare PDF of his header assignments, especially in regard to how to jump the firewire connector so that the power switch works? Thanks in advance, Franz!
  5. FranzWerfel

    [solved] No battery available

    Despite several attempts to correctly repatch my DSDT and generate a new SSDT, my 4530s reads no battery available. Anyone have this problem after updating to Sierra?
  6. FranzWerfel

    Unsuccessful update to Sierra on Probook 4530s

    I am stuck in a white screen with spinning beach ball. Is there a better way to upgrade? If not, how do I remove the macOS install option in Clover and stay in El Capitan?
  7. FranzWerfel

    Messed up CsrActiveConfig

    I set this to 014 or, maybe, 14, to make Xtrafinder work on a Probook 4350. Now I can't boot since the Probook can't find the hard drive. I can get in via SafeMode. But I can't really edit the config.plist there because I can't mount the EFI partition. Any ideas?
  8. FranzWerfel

    Probook Installer patching and reboot on wake

    Before the 10.11.3 update came out, I noticed that my Probook 4530s started to crash on wake again--a problem that had been solved with updated kexts for the Atheros wifi-bluetooth card. It worked fine. Wifi. BT. And it went to sleep and the pmset hibernatemode 0 business had been attended to...
  9. FranzWerfel

    [solved] HWMonitor and El Capitan

    I just noticed that this handy application doesn't work in El Capitan now, or, at least, not on my Probook 4530? I installed the latest Rehabman versions of FakeSMC and the latest sensors (in the Clover/Other folder)--but to no avail. Any ideas or substitutes?
  10. FranzWerfel

    GenericUSBXHCI.Kext and the latest Probook installer for Clover

    Greetings, I've noticed that the GenericUSBXHCI.Kext, when installed in EFI>Clover>Kexts>10.10 no longer allows for a working USB3 superspeed feature on my 4530s. Perhaps it never worked, but I thought I saw it working in Yosemite as long as you booted with anything plugged into the USB3 slot.
  11. FranzWerfel

    Upgrade bay stopped working in 4530s

    While I can boot off my external Windows and Fedora drives via F9, I can no longer see them listed in Clover. Additionally, if I put back the CD/DVD ROM drive, it is not fully recognized in Finder. Not sure what precipitated this. But I did upgrade to 10.10.2 and used the last RC candidate of HP...
  12. FranzWerfel

    iMessage ... Facetime problems

    It seems there is a lot of soul-searching going on at Jaymonkey's iMessage thread (beginning about here This is because of the problems encountered with activating iMessage and Facetime, especially for a 10.10 upgrade, or...
  13. FranzWerfel

    Clover Configurator not Importing Config.plist

    The latest iteration of Clover Configurator that is installed by the ProBook installer won't open with the config.plist from the Clover folder. All my entries are blank and if I try to export it, all the entries will be omitted. So, editing the config.plist with CC isn't possible.
  14. FranzWerfel

    4530s updated to Yosemite crashes on wakeup

    Using the latest Clover installer, I notice that if you close the lid, wait an hour or so, and lift it up, the Yosemite will crash and reboot. Everything else seems to work fine, however.
  15. FranzWerfel

    Apple Store may not accept password

    After installing Yosemite on a 4530s with the latest HP Probook Installer Clover Edition, I noticed that the Apple Store would not accept my login password. Running HP Probook installer again and rebooting solved the problem.
  16. FranzWerfel

    Clover Autoboot won't work on 4530s

    Greetings, My 4530s works fine. But my wife's will not autoboot. I have tried to set the config.plist up properly in the Clover Configurator, keeping all of the default settings from the installer with just the theme assigned to bluemac and the gui size to 1360x768. The problem started, I...
  17. FranzWerfel

    The most compatible fanless graphics card?

    Greetings! I recently upgraded to the GA-Z87MX-D3H motherboard and am using the Intel Core i5-4690K CPU. Are there any good fanless graphics card solutions that offer out-of-the-box compatibility with Mavericks and HDMI sound? Franz
  18. FranzWerfel

    Intel GM965 Graphics Controller and the Dell Vostro 1500

    Greetings! I have successfully installed Snow Leopard and upgraded to 10.6.8. On the way, however, I have not been able to find anything coherent online about how to make the onboard Intel GM965 Graphics Controller work--indeed, I find nothing explicit for this laptop. Has anyone had any...
  19. FranzWerfel

    Mouse cursor erratic on menu commands (weird sounds, too) after coming out of sleep following 10.8.2

    I haven't noticed a comment on the forum, yet. But I would think others might have noticed this since I have two 4530ses that don't always wake up nicely following the 10.8.2 update and installing the recommended kexts posted for the update in the relevant threads. Here's what happens: When...