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  1. dummybrain

    H77N & GTX 680 need a helping hand for Mojave 10.14.6

    Hi all, this once golden build (and the Z77N) are supposed to work with Mojave - but it's been quite some time and I would be very thankful if anyone could help me reach the installer or provide an EFI folder to pull this off. My config.plist from 10.13.6 doesn't do the trick. TIA!
  2. dummybrain

    How Do I Create USB Installer with 10.14.6

    Hi everyone! Can anyone lend me a helping hand on how to create a usb installer with 10.14.6? As it seems the installer downloaded via App Store only sports 30 mb???
  3. dummybrain

    Z270N - as recommended

    Hi everyone - not being totally new to hackintoshing, I was wondering if there are also other people like me who followed the buying advice for the mini deluxe with the recommended Z270N. I was fully aware of the fact, that (with 10.12.6) fake cpu wouldn't be necessary any longer and that wifi...