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  1. xleb

    [Guide] Lenovo Yoga 2 13" High Sierra 10.13.5

    This guide assumes you have High Sierra already installed on your Yoga and you can boot into it (default installation guide should work ). I installed High Sierra with NO APFS conversion option...
  2. xleb

    Dead WiFi card? BCM94352Z

    Hi. Today, while using notebook out of home I got a battery controller bug (has 97% charge and in a moment it has shown 0% charge, after 1 minute of using it on "0% charge" it has just hard shut down). The bug disappeared after I plugged in power. After some time the bug appeared again, the...
  3. xleb

    Bug while posting? My message isn't appearing

    Recently I have posted a message to this thread, but the message hasn't appeared. It is still shown in my profile info. Is it a bug?
  4. xleb

    Leonvo Yoga 2 13" - Not all keypads working properly

    My Lenovo Yoga 2 13" uses VoodooPS2 by RehabMan and some keys aren't working. I have fixed brightness keys by applying DSDT patch. Here is a photo of my keyboard layout. In BIOS I have Fn option enabled, so to get F2 working as F2 I have to press Fn+F2. F6: The most annoying one is pressing...
  5. xleb

    Multitouch gesture support on Synaptics trackpads

    Is there a way to enable/implement multitouch gesture support like on real macs? With VoodooPS2 I can get only left/middle/right click, scrolling and three finger swipes. I am looking for three-finger drag and pinch-to-zoom. Is it hard to implement/enable? I can get stepped pinch-to-zoom with...
  6. xleb

    ALC235 - Strange headphone bug

    I've got a strange bug while using modified for ALC235 AppleHDA.kext. After boot, the sound works as supposed. If I plug in headphones for the first time, only a part of bug is happening - system is trying to switch to headphone's mic so no mic input is working. More interesting happens when I...
  7. xleb

    Lenovo Yoga 2 13" - Crash/reboot on wake

    Hello, I am experiencing crash/reboot on wake on my Lenovo Yoga 2 13" (not pro). I have tried all of the methods from this thread, have similar symptoms. After pressing Apple->Sleep the screen turns off, after a pause of 15-25 seconds notebook sleeps (the light on the power button is flashing)...