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  1. gingersourcerer

    [SUCCESS] El Capitan 10.11 Clover | GA-Z87X-UD5H | GTX 980 | 4770K

    Hi All, I followed the suggested process. My install was clean and I am not using a video card as the onboard is enough for me. I used the suggested audio fix and that worked just fine. Sleep seemed to work fine but i only tested it a couple of times and have not let the system run for very...
  2. gingersourcerer

    [PERFECT SUCCESS] robertwigfield's Build: GA-Z87X-UD5H - i7-4770K - GTX760

    BIG THANKS :thumbup: I have had this kit since 10.9.1 and it was running fine for a while. Upgraded to 10.9.2 and then after a couple of months it started rebooting on shutdown and also took my cd rom hostage :beachball:. I eventually decided to deal with these problems and was making my own...
  3. gingersourcerer

    DELL Monitor compatability ?????

    Hi All, I have just completed a Customac pro build and am amazed at how little tweaking there has needed to be. I am now looking to add the finishing touches. First is the screen I would like to add. I want to get the DELL Ultrasharp U2414H as it will enable me to use the usb 3 hub and utilise...
  4. gingersourcerer

    Advice on Double First time builds - PLEASE !!

    Hi TRS96, Speed/stability and 10MB cache although I am thinking maybe i could just produce 2 of the home build and have more of a level playing field in regards to my learning curve and reproducing results on both units. Would that be a fair shout ??
  5. gingersourcerer

    Advice on Double First time builds - PLEASE !!

    Hi All, First post and first venture into a hacktosh build. I am trying to stay as close to the Customac pro builds as possible. Below i have dropped in a full list of both intended builds. First is for work where i have a need to serve about twenty people running on a light CRM system (x2...