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  1. johnc28

    UniBeast: Install OS X Mountain Lion on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    I think for STEP 3.4 (the second .4, heh), you want to say "...skip past steps 5-14".
  2. johnc28

    Dual boot not working unless complete powerdown

    Here's the thread I found that explains it better: ... 2&p=229460
  3. johnc28

    Dual boot not working unless complete powerdown

    No... but I do have a KB / mouse that are hooked into a KVM switch, which can sometimes be sneaky. I got it working though the other day. I read a thread on here somewhere about it. I moved the Realtek driver out of the S/L/E area. I forget where it was... somewhere in IONetworking...
  4. johnc28

    Chimera hangs system totally

    Has anyone stumbled upon a solution for this yet? There seem to be a variety of threads with similar problems.
  5. johnc28

    Booting Freezes after HDD adding

    What happens if you... 1) Shut down 2) Plug in drives 3) Boot 4) Reboot at system hang same problem? can you get to the BIOS to see if the drives are detected?
  6. johnc28

    Dual boot not working unless complete powerdown

    Well when I installed OS X I used MultiBeast 4.0.3 and had the problem from the get-go... so that might narrow it down for you. lol. I think I'm going to look into a way to boot OS X without Chimera since I use GRUB2 anyway. (Maybe it can be done?)
  7. johnc28

    booting hang issues

    Which screen is the blue screen you're referring to? Does it happen if you do a restart from within OS X?
  8. johnc28

    Dual boot not working unless complete powerdown

    Wow I'm astonished that I stumbled upon this after deciding to just stroll the forum for a little bit. I'm having the same exact problem. Reboot or shutdown from OS X... On next system boot, my keyboard is completely unresponsive (can't get into BIOS, etc.). GRUB2 displays a list of OSes to...
  9. johnc28

    WTH did the info.plist go in lion kexts

    I think they might be hidden. The latest MultiBeast seems to have an app that lets you show hidden files. I don't know anything though as today was my first OS X install (and first experience) so I was baffled for quite a bit looking for those files. I dropped to a terminal and found them there.
  10. johnc28

    Countdown Timer?

  11. johnc28

    WLAN Stick for Lion?

    Do you know if that one works in ad-hoc mode (i.e., as an access point)?
  12. johnc28

    Successfully upgraded to a Corsair Force GT!

    Congratulations on getting a new SSD! Those Force GT drives look great. I love my SandForce drives. What kind of benchmarks are you getting?