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  1. smartiesmaug

    Motherboard tray advise needed.

    Anyone know if the Lian Li PC60 will fit? also need to know how to mount it to the G5, cheers.
  2. smartiesmaug

    Yosemite Config.plist Pre Edited For Pentium/Celeron Installations

    I haven't bothered editing this myself, I Found a pre configured version on another forum which I will not list here but I will include a download link, this is much easier and simple, just replace and that's it! basically replaces your default clover "config.plist" to allow Yosemite...
  3. smartiesmaug

    Need Help!!! :(

    I got some new parts for my second hackintosh build Intel Core i3 4130 4GB RAM Phoenix B85N Motherboard GTX 650 430W 120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD I am using clover and everytime I try to boot the usb it hangs on "Bluetooth device missing or something like that and then a couple of seconds after...