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  1. louden

    clover r4644 - disabling OS Boot

    Hi all; I took a look at my clover settings, and figured I'd update clover while I was in there - and now I get a black screen after boot. Before I get too deep into looking at this - are there other general issues with Clover r4644? I did a search on the forum, and didn't see any reference...
  2. louden

    Clover Configurator in Safe Mode

    Hi all; I'm a bit stuck - and I'm trying to get into Clover Configurator via safe mode (-x) bootup. The only problem is, the UX for Clover won't let me select 'Mount Partition'. If I try to use a different like EFI Mounter - I get an error: "AppleEvent handler failed" Any clues?
  3. louden

    Unlock with Apple Watch

    So, I've got my hackintosh running Sierra and have the "Product Name" set to an iMac (14,2) in Clover Configurator. My systems is about 18 monhts old and runs a GA-Z97X-UD7 TH motherboard. The nvidia web drivers are a bit squirrelly (I have two nvidia cards running three monitors) - some...