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  1. neilhart

    A quick change M.2 device

    Reference the photo of my WD_BLACK SN750, a high performance 500 GB NVMe SSD. This version comes with the heat sink shown. I needed this device to be relocated to where I can change it out without a lot of work. So I made up a mounting plate and used a M.2 M-key cable adapter by Sintech...
  2. neilhart

    Silent Cube PowerLogix Core i7

    Thank you for sharing your cube mod. Having completed several cube mods, I can appreciate your solutions to the packaging problems. neil
  3. neilhart

    Help configuring OpenCore for ASRock Z490 + i5 10400F + RX 5700 xt

    Yes please post your EFI as I would like to see the solution. Thanks, Neil
  4. neilhart

    "Mac in the Box" Hackintosh, for the budget minded.

    Craighazan, I really enjoyed reading your “Mac in the Box” thread. Good project and documentation. I identify with your use of cardboard. My choice for years has been sheet ABS plastic as it can easily be cut and shaped with simple hand tools. The ABS stock can be joined with plumbers ABS...
  5. neilhart

    BCM94352Z installed on ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming - WiFi and BT

    Okay I will hang back and wait for your report on the ..CS2 radio. I am getting one of my Catalina hacks ready to try the 10.15.4 update. Good modding, neil
  6. neilhart

    BCM94352Z installed on ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming - WiFi and BT

    Colomb, I do not have enough information to have an opinion. I would need to know what makes up your system and which macOS version you are running and how the OS was installed. Good modding, neil
  7. neilhart

    BCM94352Z installed on ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming - WiFi and BT

    Humm.. well here is an opportunity to move the known information base forward: Install the radio with M.2 adapter and boot your system. Share your experience. Good modding, neil
  8. neilhart

    neilhart's Scratch Build # 3 - Mini-ITX Tower

    Humm... no photos. So I got very busy as we sold our condo and purchased another house. We moved at the end of November and I have been about 125% busy with the details of the move and getting the new house into a home. This also means I had to start over on my office/lab/shop in the new...
  9. neilhart

    neilhart - What is this? Old Guard EX58-UD3R into a Prodigy (mini-ITX) case?

    Well one screw is not really the case... The PSU sits in a corner with walls on two sides, and floor then blocked top and back. A single screw is just insurance that it stays there. Most of my hacks have way too many screws just as most hacks have way too many fans. "Way too many" is one of...
  10. neilhart

    BCM94352Z installed on ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming - WiFi and BT

    Yes in my opinion it is. One caution is that some motherboards have a lay down M.2 WiFi connector with components too close to the socket so that the radio in the adapter will not fit properly. I ran into this on an ASUS PRIME H310T R2.0 mini-ITX motherboard (this is the "thin" version). My...
  11. neilhart

    10 Year Anniversary of tonymacx86

    Yes the has been my favorite web site for years. My interest in Apple OS is still strong and my many hacks all run one version or another. I enjoy Apple products and the engineering and manufacturing leadership that Apple brings to the party. I still build my own hacks and look...
  12. neilhart

    neilhart's Scratch Build # 3 - Mini-ITX Tower

    Okay here I sit at 2 a.m. with my newly modded mini-tower running Catalina 10.15.1 (yea !). Modding this old project system was entertaining as the GA Z97N WiFi motherboard with the i7-4770K CPU is a macOS compatible pair. The mod was to take AIO cpu cooler off, slice away that upper portion...
  13. neilhart

    neilhart's Mac Pro Hack

    Yes that is the part. I have seen the 4 into 1 SATA cable elsewhere on the web, but never the "Link" device. If you go this way, you will need the Apple cabe assembly for the 4 HDD drive slots as it has the correct connector to mate to the "Link". Good modding, neil
  14. neilhart

    neilhart's Scratch Build # 3 - Mini-ITX Tower

    I have been cleaning up around my house and trying to down size my collection of project systems. We are getting ready to move and in this case "less is more" (good). To that end, I have been trying to sell this mini tower system without success. That got me to thinking that selling does not...
  15. neilhart

    Last-Best ... Another scratch build

    More on the M.2 device cooler: One of the great things about building systems for yourself is that you can justify doing it right no matter how long it takes (or costs). Having the M.2 system drives run hot is something that has bugged me for several years. This is the first time that I...
  16. neilhart

    neilhart - What is this? Old Guard EX58-UD3R into a Prodigy (mini-ITX) case?

    RandomNumber I am just now planning to update one of my systems to Catalina. I will post my results on my EX58 system in due time. I just need to gain a little experience with Catalina before jumping into my older systems. Edit 1: When i install Catalina onto the EX58 system, I will clone...
  17. neilhart

    Last-Best ... Another scratch build

    So here I sit trying to decide how to proceed. The Last-Best is performing great. It was going to be my last project system. However I am not happy with the final form. The temptation to do another project (Last-Best-Plus) is weighing heavily on me. Good modding, neil
  18. neilhart

    Last-Best ... Another scratch build

    On an early test of the mostly complete case I be came concerned with how much heat was being held in the upper area of the case. So this is the mod to the case design. I moved the HDPLEX PSU units downward to make a little space at the top of the case. I added windows to the panels, added...
  19. neilhart

    neilhart's ASRock M8 BareBones with a Z87-M8 motherboard.

    Well it has been a long time and I have only good feelings about the M8. It should be an easy hack if you install High Sierra 10.13.6 using the TonyMacX86 tools. Your Nvidia 960 is not supported in Mojave but is supported in High Sierra by using the Nvidia Web drivers. Good modding, neil
  20. neilhart

    Powermag G5 HDD Tray

    Well I no longer have an original HDD tray, the one that I do have is modded to accept SATA drives. However the mounting holes should be the same as in this photo of the bottom of my modded unit. The holes accept M3 screws. And ignore the two round feet that are present (from some other...