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  1. Nels0n

    Solved > Catalina with Opencore - USB problem.

    Hey guys. I recently changed to opencore bootloader and i am satisfied. Boot is much faster than clover and overall the system is more stable. But, even with the "usbports.kext" that i made with hackintool, the usb ports are really slow, and i cant figure out why. Can somebody take a look in...
  2. Nels0n

    Can't Install the 10.15.1 Update

    I cant update!! First, I updated kexts and Clover bootloader. Now, when I'm trying to update, I chose "Install from Catalina-data" and a grey window appears with "remaining time 36 minutes". But, suddenly it reboots and boots normally in 10.15. Anyone with the same problem?