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  1. Kazbah

    My possible 2017 January Mac build, help

    By 4K, do you mean 3840x2160 or 4096x2160 ? Unless you have a very big monitor (I mean above 32 inches) 4K gaming is a ridiculous idea. The more pixels you have the more power you will demand on your GPU and the more $ it will cost you. How much were you planning to spend on GPU+Monitor combo ...
  2. Kazbah

    Make my PC smaller or my wife will divorce me!

    Sorry if i am late to the thread (was on vacation) but I guess the main problem for your wife is noise and not size. Normally having a bigger case would allow you to pick bigger fans that would be quieter (a bigger fan does not need to speed as fast to displace same amount of air). Turning to a...
  3. Kazbah

    Tazling's first build: Maximus GENE / i7 6700K / Asus GeForce GTX970 : "GiGi"

    Nice build and very insightful as to the trade-offs the Prodigy-M. I was considering that case when I started building mine but it was only a annonced upcoming product but not available. In the end, I settled for the FT03, where the motherboard is vertical but the slots are lined vertically too...
  4. Kazbah

    GTX 970 DP/HDMI Audio Compatability

    Yes it does. *Notice I am using Ozmosis but I am sure you can accomplish the same in Clover
  5. Kazbah

    Case recommendations

    Have a look at the Silverstone SFF chassis, a nice thing about SilverStone is that they also produce SFF PSU and ATX PSU for which they offer a short cable set; very very useful in controlling clutter in a small package.
  6. Kazbah

    Case recommendations

    Looks like you could add a Pandora to your BitFenix collection ... just saying :)
  7. Kazbah

    Recommendations for a new Hachintosh "pro"

    Negative .. it is smaller the the UMX 4. The motherboard is Extended-ATX and UMX 4 is a regular ATX form factor. E-ATX motherboard are used mostly by extreme gamers because the spacing between the PCI slots enables them to use multiple GPU cards.
  8. Kazbah

    Recommendations for a new Hachintosh "pro"

    Houston we have a big problem here ... the motherboard does not fit in the case .... From the case styling you are looking for, here is a suggestion Here is the cooler I would recommend if you were to use that case USB-C is not Thunderbolt .. it is a connector type. While Thunderbolt enables...
  9. Kazbah

    Recommendations for a new Hachintosh "pro"

    You told us what you were not gonna do with it (gaming) .. but you gave us no hint to what you are actually build it for ... CPU Cooler .. that will simply not do .. a 92mm fan on a Core i7 ..nope. It would have to spin at max speed all the time..not very very silent ..gimme a few minutes to...
  10. Kazbah

    Critique my build (work in progress)

    No one really 'needs' water cooling. Water cooling as become very fashionable of late and of course manufacturers wants you to believe that you 'need' it. A good air cooler is as efficient as a all-in-one water cooling solution and is quieter. Why because is the end water cooling is air...
  11. Kazbah

    My first try (newbie says hello)

    It is better to dedicate a SSD to each OS
  12. Kazbah

    Advice for my media center

    Because Gigabyte doesn't use the same chips Apple uses I was a possibility, you looked into it; that is good
  13. Kazbah

    I need Help on what to buy.

    The Prodigy is availabe in 2 formats 1) miniITX into which you can build CustoMac Mini or MiniDeluxe or any variant of it but it has to be a miniITX motherboard 2) mATX called Prodigy-M into which you can make a CustoMac mATX (mATX motherboard) The CustoMac Pro motherboard simply does not...
  14. Kazbah

    Will it work: silent yet high performance Z170 + 6700K

    If you leave your fans under PWM control, there is really no need for the LNA. Just adjust the PWM curve to your needs. I have 3 Noctua in my build and at idle the only fan I hear is the one built into the power supply
  15. Kazbah

    Advice for my media center

    $$$.. the only meaningful difference is that a Z170 enables you to overclock if you have a CPU that can be overclocked ... i3 can't so ...that money will be better spent elsewhere CORRECTION BLUETOOTH ON THE MOTHERBOARD WILL WORK, WIFI WILL NOT. You could also consider Silverstone own SFX PSU...
  16. Kazbah

    Advice for my media center

    Case : SilverStone SST-ML08B More than enough Check A i3-6320 is not gonna produce much heat to begin with so ... Yes, 400W is overkill, yoour powerdraw should be about 140W .. a 200W PSU could be sufficient, 250W if you are looking for...
  17. Kazbah

    Build questions, and installation help

    It will work with Nvidia Web Drivers
  18. Kazbah

    Need Recommendations for Wifi and BT.

    Might not qualify as cheap but it works OOTB, no addtional kext needed
  19. Kazbah

    Paragon "NTFS for Mac" doesn't work with internal disks ? (Seagate Free Version)

    Is this the trial version you are referring to ? and is working ?
  20. Kazbah

    Alternative to the

    Well i did not want to wait and test if the motherboard had any design flaw that H60 that was not even 6 months old. Anyway I share my experience with the H60 and if I had to pick again between a AIO water cooler and a good air cooler like the Noctua, I would pick the air cooler.