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  1. satch

    Almost there :D

    Hi guys, Long time no post. Returning to the Hackintosh scene after leaving in 2012 and decided to give El Capitan a try. Most things went smoothly however I need some help on two items. I'm using El Capitan 10.11.5 which was installed from a USB which in turn was created using UniBeast. I...
  2. satch

    Purchased a new macbook

    Hey guys, I've just got back from the Apple store with a new MB Pro 13". I have just got rid of my old MB which originally came with SL discs. It got me wondering, within the purchased tab of the app store it has the apps that came with the MB; garageband and imovie. Which I can install when...
  3. satch

    Good bye Firefox!

    As you can probably tell, this is a post regarding Mozilla Firefox. Having used this browser for years, and years I finally gave it the two fingers. For the last few months I have had nothing but issue after issue. Be it not starting up because another process is running or it slowing the...
  4. satch

    Ati 4890 and Mountain Lion

    [Success]Ati 4890 and Mountain Lion Hi everyone, Near success with installing Mountain Lion, on the specs below. Slight hic-up to start with as I was trying to install on an hard-drive OS didn't like, anyway. I'm almost done, however, I'm still in need of some drivers/kexts for my ATI 4890...
  5. satch

    Package: Install failed:

    Hi guys, First to note, I'm not a total newbie at this, haven't spent a year or so using hackintoshes. So I won't be a pain in the arse. However, this problem has stumped me. I'm currently running Lion, and having done so without problems for a number of months, so all settings I've applied...
  6. satch

    Failed to verify Danish.pkg

    Hi guys, After my hard-drive decided to bail out on me I tried installing Lion on a temporary Hitachi drive. I restored my thumb-drive with Lion, but, the installation annoyingly fails when downloading additional content, saying "Failed to verify Danish.pkg: xar_verify failed". I have tried...
  7. satch

    IONetworkingFamily in Trash

    Hi guys, This problem had me up until 3am last night. I finally resorted to installing a new copy of Lion using unibeast and it seems to have cropped up again. I have a fully working system its all updated and OK but it seems during a restart at some point during the updates (I think)...
  8. satch

    Double space for period

    I really love this feature on the iPhones. Is there a possible mod or app someone knows of that could enable this. I'm learning C++ and hope to try objective C again. Does anyone think this sort of functionality is possible at all.
  9. satch

    Hakintosh definitions

    I searched for this and I couldn't find anything that answerd my question apart from it helping in certain situations. Are there any reasons to change your system definition at all wheather it be from iMac to Mac pro, what about changing it from 3,1 to 2,1 etc. Cheers
  10. satch

    Ati 4890 and Lion 10.7.3

    If anyone is having graphical issues with the new update then check this page now and again for the luvly QE exotic patch. I updated and as noted by tonymac it broke my sound, but it also broke my graphics no KP though :D.
  11. satch

    Weird win 7 clock issue.

    My Lion and win 7 dual boot is running sweet, on specs to the left. Although I have one issue ive just noticed and is a funny pain. For some reason after restarting PC from Lion and boot in to win 7 my clock goes one hour back im not to sure ive read about this issue. Everything else runs as it...
  12. satch

    DSDT and installation

    Im looking at using a DSDT for the obvious reasons and was wondering if its better to start a fresh Lion install or can I just run Multibeast and do it that way. I assume as well that to install Audio, graphics etc is the same way as using easybeast.
  13. satch

    Recommended wireless card

    Im currently using the ethernet on Lion but would love to get rid of this cable trailing across my place, whats the recommended PCI wifi card that work ok. Im tempted to follow that guide and make my own but if theres a card then please reply :).
  14. satch

    Customise Chameleon's first boot option

    I have everything, apart from my wireless card working nice but at the moment Chameleons first automatic boot option is the installer partition used to install Lion, I don't want to delete this yet just incase I get a KP that I can't sort (using Lion when using Xmove to create the installer...
  15. satch

    Success on p55-ud3r

    Got my Lion running sweet finally. Its basically taken two and a half weeks to get this far :crazy: but got some minor issues sorted after going back and fourth from SL to Lion and not happy until I had it running as good as I can get it. I got two birds with one stone also, I wanted duel screen...
  16. satch

    [SOLVED,went Lion]PCIRootUID=1, dual screen and App store.

    I didn't bother with Lion as I couldn't get dual screen to work properly. So I stuck with SL for now with one issue, to log into the App store I need to add PCIRootUID=1 to '' to enable me to log in but this then also gets rid of my dual screen which I love. Is there any way...
  17. satch

    [SOLVED]Dual screen

    I got Lion running sweet now but just need to sort dual screen, I've found the problem and it was when I installed QE_CI_Exotic patch 10.7.1 before that I had dual screen. I can't seem to find a solution does anyone know of one. The card is an ATI 4890
  18. satch

    So close.

    Ive edited this post because I've finally done it :D. I didn't install Fakesmc.kext so copying that into the S/L/E worked but I have some small issues which i'll post below to bump this thread, I'm sooooo close :D.
  19. satch

    Cant get to install screen

    Ive been trying this for about two weeks now on and off. Ive tried every possible option, apart from the one that works. My spec is a shown to the left. Following tonymacs guide on installing SL on PC I followed the guide to the letter but still getting no where, I've tried all the flags...
  20. satch

    Can not install Snow leopard after having it installed.

    This is a last resort post in trying to work out where or what I've done wrong. A few days ago I had SL installed and working beautifully on my pc, everything worked sweet except the wifi, which I wasn't to bummed about. I then tried to install Lion with constant failures so I thought i'll just...