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  1. cronix

    i5 8600k PowerManagement

    Hello guys, as you can see in my signature i have a z370-f from asus and a i5 8600k. To enable Powermanagement, i put Plugintype=true in clover and tested it with Appleintelinfo.kext and it seems like it's working: CPU Ratio Info: ------------------------------------------ Base Clock...
  2. cronix

    Fan doesn't spin after Boot

    Hello guys, I recently managed to install High Sierra successfully (not Mojave because of missing Nvidia Web drivers) and now noticed, that my Fan in the back of the case connected to the CHA_FAN2 header on the board. Pls help :D (I'm kind of a noob in hackintoshing) Thanks in advance
  3. cronix

    Asrock z68, i5 2500k, gtx 770 4gb HELP

    Hey guys, so i got my hackintosh fully working. Everything, including bluetooth, speedstepping, graphics acceleration etc., but i got a weird issue, that sometimes when i boot, after the apple logo my screen will just turn off and it won't turn back on until i restart the machine. Sometimes i...
  4. cronix

    Hackintosh won't turn off

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my Hacki. I was using OS x on a western digital caviar blue, until i decided to buy a ssd for OS X. Since i installed it on the ssd, my PC just won't turn off. Everything stops spinning, just the CPU and the Case fans keep spinning until I shut it down manually. I...
  5. cronix

    Gtx 560 ti speedstep problem

    Hello, i'm running os x stable since 1 month, but i still have 1 problem: my graphics card. I tried almost everything, the card is recognized and i have native resolution and QE/IC working, but when i open launchpad it laggs and also if i open big folders in launchpad. My card switches between...
  6. cronix

    Asrock z68 extreme3 gen3 Choppy Animations

    Hey guys, My hackintosh works fine, but the animations in the launchpad or when i open safari are laggy :( QE/CI is enabled and Benchmarks are also normal. My graphics card ( gtx 560 ti) jumps between g-states normally, because i edited applegraphicspowermanagement.kext. I realised that if i...
  7. cronix

    Asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3 DSDT help

    Hey guys, i finally installed mavericks on my hackintosh, but speedstep doesn't work. I've tried everything (also ssdt) but nothing worked. So i thought to try it with a dsdt. My rig: i5 2500k 12 gb RAM, 1600 asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3 msi gtx 560 ti Extracted dsdt is attached. Please help...