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  1. zcream

    Cleaning up clover boot menu

    I had to rename the windows efi as it overwrote my clover. After cloning to another drive, I ended up with a messed up boot menu. I have only one HDD connected. Here is the boot option from uefi bios boot. Then it gave me a choice of windows efi. So I ended up removing my entries. Now how do I...
  2. zcream

    CPU stuck at 1.2GHz after CPU upgrade

    I had speedstep working perfectly using a 3960X 6-core. I had to use a third party dsdt with processor 1-16 included and all the rest deleted to allow the boot with the 8-core E5 1680 v2. Otherwise I got the Kernel Panic "should have 16 threads but only found 17" When I boot in, I...
  3. zcream

    Native 10.8.5 AppleHDA kext

    Could someone please post the native 10.8.5 AppleHDA ? With audio_realtekALC-100.command I get an error that my kext is not native. With the 10.8.5 combo update I get an error during install - perhaps because I installed the 10/8/5 supp update.
  4. zcream

    10.7.4 with dual Radeon 6870 and Gtx 560 Ti

    I want to use Radeon 6870 as primary GPU as it has excellent support in Apple Motion and 560 Ti 448 as my Davinci Resolve GPU. ASUS P6T7 SUPERCOMUPUTER At this time, I am stuck on black screen. I had 3 Nvidia GPUs previously and they worked great..Any suggestions ?
  5. zcream

    marvel 88se6320 sas work simply as legacy SATA on Lion P6T7

    I understand that RAID support is not there in OSx, but is there a way to make the marvel 88se6320 sas work simply as legacy SATA ? I really want to use the extra ports.
  6. zcream

    Soundmax AD2000b kexts Lion P6T7

    Does anyone have the install files for AD2000b ? There seem to be 2 methods - HDAWizard with dsdt mods and HDAEnabler with AD2000b kexts with some other kexts used Which one works ?
  7. zcream

    Unibeast 1.4 with 10.7.4 USB installer on Asus P6T7 x58

    I installed unibeast 1.4 on a USB stick and my second stick has the apple 10.7.4 installer. I added -v and PCIRootUID=0 as boot options for the Asus P6T7 x58 mobo. I got a KP on AppleACPIPlatform kext. Here is a snapshot Do I need t do anything...
  8. zcream

    Setup Qmaster Cluster on 2x hackintoshes

    Hi! I have 2x Quad core hackintoshes that are networked with a Cat 5e cable to each other. They can see each other, and I can access files across them, etc. I have Qmaster enabled on both, and followed an excellent guide over here. Each...
  9. zcream

    Unable to Install Nvidia 8400 GS 256mb on G33m-DS2R

    This is really frustrating. I cannot seem to install the 8400GS properly. I tried the hex string inject from Osx86tools. I also tried NV Enabler. It always shows 32mb VRam and the generic details in "About this mac"