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  1. mrkonow

    [Solved] APFSStart 1132 at boot

    What is it, and how to fix it? Thank you.
  2. mrkonow

    Anyone uses the OCZ ARC 100 240GB SSD?

    I was reading some threads about this particular line of SSD, what are your thoughts? Thank you.
  3. mrkonow

    Clover Yosemite + generated SSDT = CRASH

    Using Clover 10.10.4, sabertooth z77, 3570k, ssdrPRgen, im able to generate the following ssdt, however it crashes when boot-up. I have attached the config. v0.9 Copyright (c) 2011-2012 by † RevoGirl v6.6 Copyright (c) 2013 by † Jeroen v15.6 Copyright...
  4. mrkonow

    First time installing GTX 970 and SSD Install question

    Hi all, Just ordered a GTX 970 and a SSD card and i'd like to clarify a few things before I receive the new parts... My setup is Asus Sabertooth Z77, i3570k and now i will add the GTX 970 SSC. Currently, I have the Sabertooth and the i3570k running Mavericks, working flawless, however in...
  5. mrkonow

    Is the Pentium G645 2.9GHz Desktop hackintosh a possibility?

    Hello there, Could anyone tell me if the above configuration could be used to install OSX?? And if so, what is the suggested version of OSX? I've successfully installed 2 Ivy rigs, but i'm lost on this particular configuration. Thanks in advance.
  6. mrkonow

    Maverick HDMI audio was working then ran multibeast now lost

    So i updated to 10.9.1 from app store since release day and i never bothered to run MultiBeast to run the audio again, because i used PJALM's DSDT method and HDMI audio was working fine, but now i needed to use the Digital Out port so I went to Multibeast, selected my ALC889 WITHOUT DSDT...
  7. mrkonow

    What happened with the chat?

    Someone please let us know!
  8. mrkonow

    Multibeast 6.0.0 SysDef Mac Mini 6,1 incomplete???

    I have a Z77 motherboard with 3570K and somehow I can never get the proper system definition setup. When in Multibeast 6.0.0 selecting Mac Mini 6,1 will install fine, but when I try to get Ivy working I'll get an error saying the system should be 701. I also looked at the SysDef file and It...
  9. mrkonow

    Video Included - Sleep not working - Troubleshooting help!

    Hi all, Here's my rig specs: ASUS P8z77-V LE PLUS i5 3570k 10.8.4 HD4000 The rig is working flawless, and i didn't need sleep until now that i'm shopping for a HD7970, so to have sleep working is a must. I searched and searched and can't figure out what is this behavior. When i click "Sleep"...
  10. mrkonow

    10.8.4 coreaudiod Disable/Enabled flooding the system log

    After updating to 10.8.4 my sys log is flooded with this: 6/13/13 3:29:37.518 AM coreaudiod[132]: Enabled automatic stack shots because audio IO is inactive6/13/13 3:29:55.283 AM coreaudiod[132]: Disabled automatic stack shots because audio IO is active 6/13/13 3:30:06.717 AM coreaudiod[132]...
  11. mrkonow

    P8z77-v le plus owners thread - fix and questions

    I created this thread for the owners of the ASUS P8Z77-V LE PLUS to discuss their installation methods to achieve a 100% working machine. My rig: i5 3570k with HD4000 (planning to install a better card in near future) Kingston Hyper X 16Gb ram 1TB WD Black CoolerMaster Silent Pro M700 NXZT...
  12. mrkonow

    ML 10.8.3 stuck at apple logo with this verbose

    Hi all. Thanks in advance for any help. i installed ml 10.8.3 with my i5 3570k with asus p8z77-v Le plus what I understand is that I built my pen drive from my Mbp 5,1 that doesn't know my ivy bridge processor. So it hangs at boot with this verbose: Warning: ioplatformpluginutil ...