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  1. shaneblyth

    Whats the current top end supported CPU?

    I see in the recommended build options the MacPro and am I right in that the top CPU is an i7 quad core? I was hoping to go mad a build a real grunt of a machine specifically aiming at the most cores and CPU grunt I could.
  2. shaneblyth

    No mouse/Keyboard at language installer screen. P55 USB3

    Gigabyte P55 USB3 board chose USB Legacy support on Unibeast install on the USB stick but I get no mouse or keyboard after it starts to boot to get to the installer. It goes to the install "choose your language" screen but mouse and keyboard don't work so can't install it. Any ideas on what I...
  3. shaneblyth

    identifying all drives and partitions eg hd1,3 (for chameleon)

    Im trying to modify chameleon and change the default boot drive and partition problem is I am not sure how to obtain this info especially in a way that relates to the boot propt which is english names of the drive partition names such as OSX or System or windows currently it defaults to an...
  4. shaneblyth

    possible to install windows on boot drive in place of OSX leaving OSX on a secondary drive??

    Someone maybe able to point me to info on this if its possible. I currently have 3 drives with installations as below: Drive 1) The main boot drive which currently has Lion on it and chameleon. Drive 2) I have Lion on a second much larger drive (its currently backed up there with...
  5. shaneblyth

    Kernal Panic upgrading my video card, help!

    my system has been stable for a while running a Gigabyte Geforce GT220 card but whenever I started Video Lan would warn me no quartz extreme so I decided to upgrade the card. I went to the list on Tonymac of fully natively supported models and bought a gigabyte geforce gtx 650 thinking if i just...
  6. shaneblyth

    Error OpenGL acceleration is not supported

    I get this error when trying to play some video OpenGL acceleration is not supported on your Mac Your Mac lacks Quartz Extreme acceleration, which is required for video output. It will still work, but much slower and with possibly unexpected results. system is running 10.7.5 Mountain...
  7. shaneblyth

    2 monitors on 1 card and choose to swap between them possible from OSX?

    Probably a dumb question I have a GT220 non brand Nvidia card with 3 outputs on it. VGA, HDMI, and DVI. I'd like to plug both the HDMI in and the VGA at the same time. They dont have to be displaying at the same time. seems like the VGA takes over and the HDMI drops out. I wanted this setup as...
  8. shaneblyth

    Heres the Best Wifi Wireless Solution no drivers needed!

    In my humble opinion this is the best , no brainer, wireless solution and it needs no drivers! As long as you have a working ethernet port you are away laughing. Its not supper cheap but I was sick of usb dongles not working or half pie working. It's the external Netgear WNCE3001 Universal...
  9. shaneblyth

    super slow Wifi on Lion

    I am only getting transfer rates equal to about dialup speed on my USB wifi "N" dongle i grabbed the latest osx lion driver for it from Realtek but it made no difference everything else on the network screams along alone. there are no conflicts i have tried using a fixed Ip but no difference my...
  10. shaneblyth

    Crucial 256GB m4 2.5-Inch SSD SATA 6Gb/s CT256M4SSD2 ???

    thinking of updating my boot drive to one of these Crucial 256GB m4 2.5-Inch SSD SATA 6Gb/s CT256M4SSD2 any comments? See my machine specs buts its basically a Gigabyte P55 USB 3 board Now how would I go about copying this over to this new drive? I have superduper and can copy but it wont do...
  11. shaneblyth

    How do I boot Lion when partition faulty.. iboot wont work

    Had 10.6 upgraded to 10.71 all good deleted or damaged (not physically) on my boot drive Now it wont boot. what do i do i tried Iboot but no go it gets me to choose a drive of which i have 2 but neither drive will boot one freezes the other kernel panaics saying something about AHCP or something...
  12. shaneblyth

    Since installing Lion Iboot wont work gets panic

    Something got damaged on my boot drive which had lion 10.7 working perfect on it so i need to reinstall chambelon to boot but iboot wont work since Lion install what are you suppose to do or use inplace of booting off a cd and iboot ? it says its only 10.6 in the downloads
  13. shaneblyth

    Lion RTL8191S WLAN USB Adapter problems use to worl SL

    My USB wireless N card info is listed below it always use to work on SL but since Lion it disapears after an hore or so. I set the computer to not sleep or put hard drives to sleep ever what happens is it isnt lited anymore If I pull it and put it in another USB it still isnt found.Only...
  14. shaneblyth

    Bluetooth, Magic trackpad dies if using more than 2 fingers

    I upgraded to Lion, gtabbed a magictrackpad, and it sort of worked but as soon as I use more than 2 fingers it says its connected but the mouse is dead and I have to plug a standard mouse in. If i then disconnect the magictrackpad it often comes to life but as soon as you use more than 2 fingers...
  15. shaneblyth

    FinalCut Pro X crashes on starting up

    any ideas on why finalcut pro X crashes on startup? heres the first part of the crash reports Process: Final Cut Pro [8355] Path: /Applications/Final Cut Cut Pro Identifier: Version: 10.0 (179114) Build Info...
  16. shaneblyth

    upgrade i7 fan but must install without removing Mboard

    Its summer here and its getting a bit hot I upgraded to a Samurai ZZ 90cm fane heat sink which works ok but with my overclock and summer it is edging the temp up a bit My motherboard is a gigabyte P55 USB3 and Id like to upgrade to a quiet 120cm fan heat sink combo My only stipulation is tht I...
  17. shaneblyth

    very Quiet Powersupply choices ?

    I thought it was either my cpu fan or the case fan making the majority of noise but it seems it is the actual powersupply fans this is a coolmaster case so was wondering if there is a very quiet model of powersupply i can buy thanks
  18. shaneblyth

    how do i get my fan speed readouts on something like istat

    how do i get my fan speed readouts on something like istat menu? i seem to be missing a few sensor readouts on my gigabyte pa55 usb 3 motherboard works in the bios ok
  19. shaneblyth

    native OSX CPU stress program thats free CPUTest

    here is a link works well CPUTest is a GUI/Wrapper for the selftest command of Glucas. This command can be used to stress test a CPU and its cooling system. CPUTest is freeware.
  20. shaneblyth

    should i update my BIOS if so how as No windows only OSX

    I have a gigabyte PA-55 USB revision 2 motherboard with an F6 Bios should i update my BIOS? and I assume ill need to update my DSTS to match it if so how do you update a BIOS on one of these boards when you dont have windows installed at all only OSX ?