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  1. BillG66

    Did not find config.plist/quirks. Fatal Error System Halted.

    Guys, I'm freaking... had some app issues today on my main system, went to restart and got the above message. Have attempted to boot from my backup disk... I get to the Clover screen and whether I select my main drive or my backup drive, I just get the Apple logo... no progress bar or anything...
  2. BillG66

    Solved > Does anyone know where I can download a working version of the Sierra Installer?

    The one I download by going through the back door into the App Store says it's damaged and cannot install. :(
  3. BillG66

    High Sierra Optiplex 780 Freezes on Wake From Sleep

    I recently got High Sierra up and running on my Optiplex 780. It runs surprisingly smoothly. I was experiencing a black screen on wake from sleep, but did some Googling and found that for the Optiplex 780 from El Capitan up, I should NOT inject ATI, as it will result in the black screen issue...
  4. BillG66

    High Sierra Installation Problem on Optiplex 780

    Hello. I hope someone can help. I have been attempting for days to install High Sierra on my Optiplex 780. The guide I followed led me perfectly to installation, including a rollback of the AMDRaedonx3000.kext, AMDRadeonX3000GLDriver, IOAccelerator2D.plugin and IOAcceleratorFamily2.kext, which...
  5. BillG66

    Catalina Sleep Issue

    After I installed the 10.15.4 supplemental update, everything was going fine... Sleep worked normally for nearly a month. Then all of a sudden this week, it wouldn't go to sleep by itself. I could manually put it to sleep, and it would wake fine (although in one instance, wake from sleep caused...
  6. BillG66

    iPhone won’t sync?

    I tried to sync my iPhone for the first time in Catalina the other day, and got a message along the lines of “Syncing could not be completed because iPhone sync failed to start.” Anyone else experience this? Any idea what could be the problem? Thanks!
  7. BillG66

    Messages Keeps Crashing

    Messages keeps crashing... not sure if anyone else is experiencing this. It opens right back up, but it does crash frequently...
  8. BillG66

    Can’t Update Using System Settings

    I can’t seem to update through System Settings. It notifies me of the update, I click on “Update Now,” and it get a message that says I need to restart. I restart, Clover picks Install MacOS from Preboot,” I get a status bar, the screen flashes a couple of times, and it boots back into my...
  9. BillG66

    Sound Disappears Shortly After Wake From Sleep [Solved]

    Okay, I'm at my wits end and begging for help. I'm experiencing a new development... on wake form sleep, sound plays. But if I stop it for more than 30 seconds, it's gone. Internal Speakers is still selected, but... no sound. I've verified I've got the latest Codec Commander, I've placed it...
  10. BillG66

    Added second monitor, now sleep/fan problems

    Hi, I added a second Samsung C24F396 (both monitors connected via HDMI), and now I have sleep/USB eject problems. Plus, when I reboot or wake from sleep, one of my fans (not sure if it's system or the graphics card) goes into hurricane mode for 30 seconds or so before settling down. I checked...
  11. BillG66

    Solved > Updated Clover: Black Screen

    I goofed. I decided to update to the latest Clover (4910) using Clover Configurator, and now I'm getting a black screen on boot. I'd updated all major kexts prior to updating to 10.14.4 a couple of weeks ago. I've tried booting from my backup drive and my install stick, but I'm still getting a...
  12. BillG66

    Solved > Black Screen after Updating to Clover 4862

    Greetings... I updated to Clover 4862 using the standalone Clover installer linked on the homepage. When I rebooted, after the Clover screen cleared, all I got was black. No white apple, no progress bar, nothing. I rebooted from the new install USB (which, ironically, I just made with Unibeast...
  13. BillG66

    RX 580 for BitFenix Case?

    Tired of waiting for Apple and NVIDIA to play nice, I ordered Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 card for my rig. It arrived this morning and, to my chagrin, it's too long for my BitFenix case. The Pulse recommended in the Buyer's Guide also appears to be about 2 inches too long. I can't return the card to...
  14. BillG66

    Question about compability

    Will a GDDR5 card work with my Gigabye Z170N Gaming 5 mobo? Specifically, this one? Thanks.
  15. BillG66

    No Sleep

    Other than the NVIDIA drivers (believe it or not, the default macOS drivers are doing a fine job), everything is working, now that I've employed Toleda's audio fix... BUT, the computer will not go to sleep. It goes into something like sleep, in that the screen will freeze (but not go dark —...
  16. BillG66

    [Solved] No Computer Sleep Option in Energy Saver Preference Pane?

    Hi, in trying to figure out my sleep issues, I just realized my Mojave Energy Saver preference pane doesn't have a "Computer Sleep" slider, just a "Turn display off after" slider. Is this a Mojave thing, or do I need to reinstall?
  17. BillG66

    Probably Stupid Question About My Graphics Card

    I've got an EVGA GeForce GTX 950. I can see my desktop. Should I thus assume that I'm fine that, and that Mojave supports my graphics card (even if it says its currently using macOS drivers instead of NVIDIA)?
  18. BillG66

    Three loud beeps?

    I returned from lunch today, and when I woke up my Hack (Gigabyte MoBo), I heard three loud beeps. Did some Googling... CPU Temperatures and fan RPMs seem okay (see attached). Any thoughts on what that was, and whether I should be concerned?
  19. BillG66

    [Solved] Unlock with Apple Watch Last Non-Working Holdout: BCM94360CS2

    So, I installed a BroadcomBCM94360CS2 with M.2 adapter in my Hack over the weekend, and removed all the kexts that enabled my previous BCM94352Z (FakePCIID.kext, Fake_PCIID_Broadcom_WiFI.kext, AirportBrcmFixup.kext, BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext, BrcmPatchRAM2.kext). Rebooted, repaired BT keyboard and...
  20. BillG66

    Hack wakes immediately from sleep

    Greetings. Ever since I installed my custom SSDT for USBinjectall.kext, sleep has been working flawlessly. Recently, however, I've come downstairs to find my computer wide awake. When I tried to put it to sleep manually, it would go to sleep and then immediately wake. I tried closing...