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  1. telepati

    Bookmarks for the post

    Really really need bookmarks option for the site. Some threads have 1000+ posts and finding helpful posts really hard in those threads. These days many modern websites have bookmarks options. Hope you can consider this and add a bookmark option to the site.
  2. telepati

    Is Dell U2718Q compatible with Hackintosh?

    Hi, guys I am think buying of 4K monitor and I like this dell but I am not sure is it compatible with hackintosh? I am also open to suggestions in this price range.
  3. telepati

    I am losing my screen while using it?

    @RehabMan I really need your help 'cause I really don't know what's going on. When I am using my Hackintosh I am losing my screen suddenly and turns different colors. This is not happening all the time but suddenly screen turns full of grey and no cursor. This grey looks like apple installer...
  4. telepati

    Need help for Boot Glitch!

    I installed Mohave and everything works. I have just problem with boot glitch on startup. I attached my problem reporting files; I tried CSM enabled/disabled. But it didn't help. Here is how is look;
  5. telepati

    [Solved] Prohibited sign while booting?

    Hi, suddenly I am not booting from anything even USB I always getting the same verbose error! I didn't change anything on my system I just installed the latest clover v4558. That's it. It looks ACPI but I am not sure and I don't know how can I fix it. Thanks in advance.
  6. telepati

    Help NVME Kernel Panic?

    Hi, I am starting to get Kernel Panic after every 2 or 3 restarts or first start. Kernel Panic Reports looks like that; I attached my gen_debug problem reports file. Anonymous UUID: 9E064598-53F3-B729-3D5B-907138F44679 Tue May 1 20:37:32 2018 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 0 caller...
  7. telepati

    sleep/wake problem with RX 560

    @Gigamaxx I have a sleep/wake problem. Sleep/Wake are working all fan and display closed itself but after 20 min it's automatically wake up. I am using the latest WhatEverGreen.kext and Lilu.kext. I disabled Enable Power Nap from Energy Saver but it doesn't help. What do you suggest what can...
  8. telepati

    Why these are removed from Unibeast 8.3?

    Hi, I just want to know why these are removed; Remove XHCI USB Port Limit patch to Clover config.plist Removed USBInjectAll.kext But we still need these on post-installation right?
  9. telepati

    [Solved] Can't see Boot OS X Install from Install macOS High Sierra?

    Hi, I am trying to make a clean install. I used Latest Unibeast and created bootable USB with 10.13 Installation guide. I disconnected my Windows HD. Restart click F8 choose USB But I can't see Boot OS X Install from Install macOS High Sierra on Clover screen. I tried USB 3 and USB 2 port but I...
  10. telepati

    is Intel HD 530 working without IntelGraphicsFixup on High Sierra?

    Is it possible the working Intel HD 530 without IntelGraphicsFixup.kext? If it is how can I activate Intel HD 530 without IntelGraphicsFixup.kext on High Sierra? I tried this way but I cant boot. rename GFX0 to IGPU ig-platform-id=19120000 inject intel These combinations don't work. What...
  11. telepati

    Signal loss on boot after update latest IntelGraphicFixup?

    Hi, guys, after update v.1.2.4 to v1.2.6 I am getting the signal loss on boot. Normally I am just getting boot glitch with v1.2.4 and I can live with that but after update to v1.2.6 first boot glitch come then signal loss coming then boot. Normally I am not using any ig-platform-id and injection...
  12. telepati

    Suddenly starting to get Apple Logo Boot Glitch on HD 530?

    Hi, Guys, I am suddenly starting to get Apple Logo Boot Glitch. I am using HD 530 no discrete graphics card. I tried CSM enabled/disabled and this patch but it doesn't help. Name: IOGraphicsFamily Comment: 10.13+ Find: 01000075 22 Replace: 010000eb 22 MatchOS: 10.13.x These are my recent...
  13. telepati

    Search error?

    Getting this error when I using search is it just me or for everyone?
  14. telepati

    Samsung released new Firmware update for NVME

    Hi guys Samsung released new firmware update for NVME drive but its not listed on their page yet but you can update on windows with Samsung Magician software.
  15. telepati

    When Shut Down screen is turn green is that normal?

    Hi, guys when I try to shut down my screen turn green. is that normal?
  16. telepati

    How to install Supplemental Update to APFS?

    Hi, apple released supplemental Update today I am trying to install but I can't manage it. First it shows 915MB I downloaded restart it and choose primary drive its boot but still show update on App Store but this time just 422MB. is anybody update without any problem on APFS system if you did...
  17. telepati

    Slow Boot time with Samsung 960 Evo NVME?

    Hi, after clean install High Sierra to Samsung 960 EVO NVME, my boot time is very slow. Boot time now is 50s sometimes 60s. My earlier 840 SSD much faster than this NVME. I checked the verbose, where the boot most hang out, its coming here and stoping here almost 15 seconds, then start the...
  18. telepati

    [Fix] BCM94360CD Bluetooth Lag very cheap.

    Hi guys, I have very long time Magic Mouse Lag problem. Especially when download something my magic mouse almost lock itself and dont move. When download finish you can use the mouse as usual. Now you can fix this problem External WIFI Antenna Booster. I bought this cheap booster and switch...
  19. telepati

    Can't boot without USB?

    Hi guys, I installed GM. When I try to boot without Installer USB I am getting Prohibited Sign with this verbose screen?
  20. telepati

    Boot Screen Garble on Sierra

    I have boot screen garble problem. I tried these tips but it doesn't help; - VT-d disabled (or use dart=0) - IGPU prealloc set to 64mb - IGPU primary - monitor plugged into IGPU - digital connection to monitor - framebuffer patched for "4 displays" if needed - CPU PM implemented (try with...