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  1. sbeaber4

    Need Help Figuring Out How OC Works

    Perhaps they mean a USB stick with 12gb of space, in case it has partitions. (if that is even possible to do and still install macOS.)
  2. sbeaber4

    Can Big Sur boot with Clover

    I totally dig your theme. Mind uploading it or providing the link where you got it?
  3. sbeaber4

    New iMac20,2 SMBIOS

    I am interested in this as well. I just upgraded to the 2nd Beta and while "4k" is no longer greyed out for some of my movies (yay) while audio plays video does not. Same for Netflix. I am using the iMac Pro SMBIOS with Open Core. I had it working previously on the prior Beta. Only HD, however.
  4. sbeaber4

    Can you update from the updater in the OS? I was scared to do this.

    I, too updated from inside macOS Catalina via the updater.
  5. sbeaber4

    Boot picker and Chime not working Opencore on Catalina 10.15.4

    Thanks dude! It didn't work but I appreciate the help. If something comes to you let me know. It's not much of a deal. Your way is a little different than the OC guide: It says nothing about theBootChime.efi and requires the .wav in resources. Neither your way or their way worked. But no...
  6. sbeaber4

    Boot picker and Chime not working Opencore on Catalina 10.15.4

    I can't get it to work with my 7700k and rx580. If I post my OC efi folder, mind taking a look? It's one of those things I don't need. But, while some people play a game for hours collecting all the baubles I want to get this working :D
  7. sbeaber4

    Boot picker and Chime not working Opencore on Catalina 10.15.4

    Thanks Eddie. Is BootChimeDxe.efi necessary? I didn't see that listed on the OpenCore guide for getting the chime working.
  8. sbeaber4

    Surface Laptop stuck on +++ on first boot

    While you can get the trackpad to work quite well, the surface uses a propriatary module called SAM for keyboard and battery. That's why even in windows the keyboard doesn't work on a windows install until windows downloads the driver. Outside of these two issues Mac runs well on my surface...
  9. sbeaber4

    Surface Laptop 2 - i5-8250u Troubleshooting

    Nope. I am afraid it's beyond my expertise, unfortunately.
  10. sbeaber4

    Can't shutdown when using USB WIFI

    Hey. So Can you post your problem reporting files? Here is a helpful link If that is more problem than its worth getting to work, please post your EFI folder at the very least.
  11. sbeaber4

    Surface Laptop 2 - i5-8250u Troubleshooting

    It's i2c. I have it working with voodooi2c (trackpad only) the keyboard, battery, and trackpad and probably other things are all governed by a SAM module. The keyboard doesn't even work OOB in Windows. It needs a driver. Yeah. It works in Linux. I also have chrome is working. Unfortunately...
  12. sbeaber4

    Surface Laptop 2 - i5-8250u Troubleshooting

    Yep. I haven't done anything with it since summer (no keyboard makes it hardly worthwhile to have installed) but it required a DSDT patch along with voodooi2c. The patch is in the voodooi2c repository.
  13. sbeaber4

    Surface Laptop 2 - i5-8250u Troubleshooting

    Nope. No luck with the keyboard. Even Microsoft requires drivers to get it to work. It doesn't work oob. A shame. Outside of battery and the keyboard everything works (that can work)
  14. sbeaber4

    I really need help

    Post your problem reporting files (there's a handy app for that here on this site)
  15. sbeaber4

    Help Surface Pro 5(Surface Pro 2017)-Battery does not work

    Surface Laptop also is missing embeddedcontroller. Stuck at 100% with the acpibaterry.kext. The ioreg shows the battery is not communicating the data properly. I'll try reading what Josh Kaufman did with his DSDT and see if I can apply it to mine.
  16. sbeaber4

    Surface Laptop 2 - i5-8250u Troubleshooting

    In windows I have 4 entries under Keyboards. What is the best way to determine which is exactly the laptop keyboard. Thanks
  17. sbeaber4

    Issue:Installing VoodooI2C.kext in macOS Mojave

    Try disabling the AppleIntelLpssI2C.kext, AppleIntelLpssI2CController.kext and AppleHPM.kext from S/L/E This is what worked for me but your mileage may vary
  18. sbeaber4

    Surface Laptop 2 - i5-8250u Troubleshooting

    Thanks a bunch. It's really refreshing to know where to go from here.