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  1. jpolk1

    SSDT USB 10.14.6

    Hello. I recently switched to a different motherboard and am now having trouble following this Rehabman's Guide. The motherboard was made for Sandybridge but is compatible with Ivy Bridge. My motherboard has 4 usb 2.0, 2 usb 3.0 on backpanel and then 4 internal usb headers. I also have a pcie...
  2. jpolk1

    Artifacting with 660Ti any work arounds on High Sierra?

    This past weekend I finally upgraded to High Sierra. The update went smoothly besides the fact I forget that it converts to afps by default and didn't install the driver before I upgraded. I got booted back in totally fine. However the only issue I seem to have right now is that I have really...
  3. jpolk1

    Broke Audio Trying to Install HDMI Audio

    So I had working audio on my computer by installing the ALC 887 codec via multibeast. However when I tried enabling HDMI Audio a year ago I broke my audio. I decide it was time to fix my audio, so I reinstalled the native AppleHDA.kext and then tried installing the ALC 87 codec however it didn't...
  4. jpolk1

    DAC?- Asus Maximus viii Extreme or Extreme Assembly(Over the top/killer PC)

    No longer relevant. Would delete but can't figure out how after the website redesign.
  5. jpolk1

    El Capitan Clover Sleep Problems

    Today was the first time I was successfully able to get Clover to run smoothly and transfer over my data from my chimera backup and not having to boot from the USB drive! :headbang: I had been trying to do this for over a year when Yosemite was in beta and trying to switch from chimera. When...
  6. jpolk1

    Skylake Compaitibility

    Apple has released a set of computers that run on Intel's newest 6th generation Skylake processors. How long will it be before there is Hackintoish support? Has anyone tried with a skylake processer on beta El Capitan due to this problem being written for support? Will the prosecer be able to be...
  7. jpolk1

    Help Please with Clover

    Here is my Build as Follows: Gigabyte Q77M-D2H Intel i3-3225 Cx500 500 Watt Corsair Power Supply 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM 250 GB Samsung 850 evo SSD 1 TB Western Digital HDD My display is a Samsung HDMI monitor that doesn't have speakers. I can successful install clover and boot...