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  1. Api

    [GUIDE] Installing 3rd Party Kexts - El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina

    Does the clover "detect"-function only care for fakeSMC or for other kexts too? I need to have another kext in /EFI/cloverkexts/Other apart from fakeSMC. Should I use "detect" or "yes" in the config.plist/System Parameters/Inject Kexts?
  2. Api

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    Try this modified EFI-folder and be sure to delete all fakePCIID kexts.
  3. Api

    buy this PCIE to SATA Extension Card for Mac OS?

    Have you already found a working Sata-Card?
  4. Api

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 (387.

    Thanks @iFrodo, I followed exactly your way and that`s the solution! After a third reboot I disabled SIP (0x67) and the .156 drivers still worked.
  5. Api

    HighSierra on APFS + Can't mount EFI partition

    Same problem here: Finder tells me that EFI is mounted successfully, but there`s no icon on the finder screen. Weird... Edit: I`m using HFS+
  6. Api

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Broadwell NUC

    Which miniDP-HDMI2-Adaptor do you use?
  7. Api

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Broadwell NUC

    Updated to BIOS 360:works (macOS 10.12.1)
  8. Api

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Broadwell NUC

    Works without any modifications on the BIOS, just update, load default settings and re-set the old ones. BTW: Updated to "Sierra", but can`t use any version of clover after r3726...strange. With r3751 or r3763 I get endless reboot. All tested with the same config.plist.
  9. Api

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Broadwell NUC

    Yep, all good with 10.11.6 via deltaupdate (Appstore), Trim still enabled and sound (HDMI) working. BTW: I`m on BIOS 358...
  10. Api

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Broadwell NUC

    Maybe change from "OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi" to "OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi". That seems to help a lot of people when updating from 10.11.3 to .4.
  11. Api

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Broadwell NUC

    Addition to the solution for the problem with rebooting after shutdown on BIOS v353: After running a number of tests, it seems to just set "FixShutdown" in config.plist/Clover Configurator is enough. BIOS settings a mentioned.
  12. Api

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Broadwell NUC

    Finally found a solution for the problem with rebooting after shut-down: Use CloverConfigurator and in the ACPI-Section hook "FixShutdown" and "HaltEnabler" on. (Maybe it will work without "HaltEnabler", I haven`t tried it) BIOS settings as "ammulder" (btw, thanks for this great guide!)...
  13. Api

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Broadwell NUC

    The BIOS workaround for 352 doesn't work for the new 353. 5i5RYH restarts when you try to shut it down. Anybody already found a solution?
  14. Api

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Broadwell NUC

    Has anyone already tried BIOS Version 0352 for RYH/K-models?
  15. Api

    XFX HD6870 1GB not recognized right + After Effects Crash

    Have you tried: npci=0x2000? That works on my Sapphire's recognized correctly as "AMD Radeon HD 6850 Series 1024 MB"
  16. Api

    [1337] Enable QE/CI GMA965(x3100 0x2a02 rev 0x0003) Lion GM

    Strange thing indeed! I just installed 10.7 over 10.6.7 on an Acer Extensa 5220 with X3100. Everything went fine, but graphics. With the original kexts from 10.7 I have "semi" QE/CI: The menubar is transparent (changeable in settings), but there's no ripple-effect in dashboard. On the other...
  17. Api

    NVIDIA kext from Prasys

    I've tested it, worked without any problems, but I can't find any improvements. Tested with: • Cinebench: equal to 10.6.4 with Graphicsupdate • Xbench: a few points lower than 10.6.4 (328 <--> 336) • OpenCL Galaxis: no visible or scoreable changes Recognized by System Profiler as an...
  18. Api

    grub2 and osx86

    Quite simple: - Copy "boot" (from chameleon) to /boot/grub - add to grub.cfg: "multiboot /boot/grub/boot" (without quotes) My OS X-Partition is recognized by grub automatically. It adds the OS X to grub.cfg. This config boots my hack, but it definitly slower than the above method (tested with...
  19. Api

    Graphics Enabled via GFX String & remove NVEnabler 64.kext

    You generated the string on a SL system? Is's said, on the site you mentioned, that it has to be made on a Leopard system, because of wrong values made by "gfxutil" under SL. Ok, I will give it another try. Thank you.