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  1. dithy

    iTunes Crash

    I have successfuly install macOS High Sierra on my Dell 3442 Laptop and almost all function works except for wireles and bluetooth. I have iTunes music library on 2TB external drive, first time after getting Hackintosh installed I was busy to get the hardware works (patch DSDT, Graphics, Audio...
  2. dithy

    Clover Hdd Boot Doesn't Show

    I installed Sierra using clover uefi method, installed smoothly without any problem. When the installer finished, restarting my laptop and come into boot menu, clover didn't list my internal drive partition I just installed, onlly show usb partition for the installer. I'm using latest clover...
  3. dithy

    Help! Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport

    Please help, I've installing and running 10.11 in my laptop Dell Inspiron 3442 Intel core i3 with Haswell HD4400 graphics. After i try to patch my DSDT and SSDT for laptop brightness controller in RehabMan guide, I'm stuck in this : ***...
  4. dithy

    Can't reach instalation screen

    Hi. I have a few question, in Mountain Lion i usually using PCIRootUID=1 to reach installation screen and it's work. Now in Maverick i try all boot flags combination but the display goes to blank after the apple spinning wheel and nothing happen. Can someone help me