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  1. CrashMidnick

    Looking for AppleACPIPlatform.kext from beta 1

    Hello, Does someone can upload AppleACPIPlatform.kext from 10.13 beta 1 ? I would like to do some tests on one of my hack. Thanks for your help.
  2. CrashMidnick

    Rebuild HS cache from Sierra

    Hello, I broke the system cache on my High Sierra HDD (I cannot boot anymore). I have a running Sierra on another HDD so I can have access to the High Sierra one. Is it possible to rebuild HS system cache from the Sierra system ? If yes how ? Thanks.
  3. CrashMidnick

    [Solved] Windows NTFS HDD not initialised

    Hi, Just updated from Sierra to High Sierra my old beast (see specs in my signature), everything went fine except High Sierra cannot mount my internal SATA Windows HDD : I have a Pop up at boot saying that it is unreadable. If I ignore the eject process, in disk utility I can see that it is not...
  4. CrashMidnick

    Native supported video card 7 series (Sierra)

    Hello, I am building a new customac for my father and I would need the more powerful natively supported graphic card for Sierra. I red here and there that some 7 series have native support such as the GTX 770 (not Ti) ...
  5. CrashMidnick

    Problem downloading MAC OS Sierra app

    Hello, I have a strange problem, maybe I am doing something wrong... I have a fully working installation of El Capitan using system definition Mac Pro 3.1 (my CPU is a Core2Duo E8500). This system definition is NOT supported by Sierra. So I changed my system definition with clover configurator...
  6. CrashMidnick

    IDE Optical drive on Elcapitan

    Hello, After a real success of Yosemite installation on my P5QL PRO, I decided to try El Capitan. It was a real success too, everything seems to be working fine (as far as I tested it : USB OK, Wifi OK, ETHERNET OK, sound OK...). The only thing I cannot get to work is my IDE DVD burner. As I...
  7. CrashMidnick

    Rtl 8187b

    Hello, I have just finished to set up my hackintosh based on Yosemite 10.10.5 and the only thing that is not working is my wireless usb card : a Belkin G (F5D7050). On PC side using Everest, it seems to have RTL 8187B. I cannot find any driver on the Internet, do they exist ? Or is it...