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  1. dmitry_matora

    [Guide] Dell Inspiron 13 5379 (2-in-1) - MacOS 10.14.1 VirtualSMC, I2C Trackpad

    Specifications: Display: 13.3" Full HD IPS TrueLife LED-backlit touchscreen (1920 x 1080), 10-finger multi-touch support Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U 1.60 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.40 GHz (Reports in macOS as 1.8GHz) Memory: 32GB DDR4 2400 MHz Hard drive: 512GB SSD Operating...
  2. dmitry_matora

    AMD RX560 crashes when disabling 1 monitor using SwitchResX

    I have 2 monitors plugged, and generally I only want to use one (4K) or the other (120Hz) I really don't want to (un)plug cables every day, to prevent killing the ports, so I'm using SwitchResX feature for enabling/disabling monitor that is currently not needed. Yesterday I got myself RX560...
  3. dmitry_matora

    Nvidia choppy Launchpad under heavy Safari usage on HiDPI above 1080p

    I'm running GT 1030 video card with Nvidia Web Drivers (the only option for this card), and launchpad is sometimes choppy at high resolutions, which can usually be solved by going to lower resolution, and back. It doesn't happen often on 1080p@60Hz HiDPI and when it does, I can be sure that...
  4. dmitry_matora

    [SUCCESS] Mini-ITX VESA mount iMac<->Mac mini transformer: i5-7600K - GA-H170N-WIFI - MSI GT 1030

    Mini-ITX VESA Mount iMac<->Mac mini transformer Build: Core i5-7600K - GA-H170N-WIFI - 32GB RAM - HD 630/GT 1030 Contents Components Comments Hardware Installation Software Installation Summary What Works What Does Not Work Benchmarks ComponentsComponents PowerCool S103-mini BK Case...
  5. dmitry_matora

    Mountain Lion HD 3000 missing 1280x720

    When running Lion at Dell Inspiron N5110 (Intel HD 3000 Video Card) 1280x720 is available at Display Settings. When running Mountain Lion only 1366x768 and 1024x768 are available, which is a huge deal breaker for me. Anyone have an idea how to get it fixed?
  6. dmitry_matora

    Intel HD 3000 Artifacts / Lines / Freezes / Crashes Solutions

    There quite a few topics about it already open, but most of them are sort of dead, and i don't think any of them congreate all knowledge consumed. Here is the list of solutions I've been able to track done so far. - install discrete video card - install FakeSMC 4.2 - install Fan Control...