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  1. oliversl

    Apple Previews macOS 11.0 Big Sur - Available Fall 2020

    It seems Apple will support Big Sur on Intel "in the years to come", I hope that means more than 2 years. OS X is dead, long live OS X. After 15 releases, Apple changed from 10.15.x to 11.0.x
  2. oliversl

    10 Year Anniversary of tonymacx86

    Many thanks! You made my dream come true, to have a Mac at home!
  3. oliversl

    Solved > Upgrade using UniBeast (HighSierra to Mojave) dual boot same drive?

    Solved the problem, my USB was not format GUID. Now all is working. After each reboot, I chose to boot from UEFI USB, and select the Mac partition. HTH
  4. oliversl

    Solved > Upgrade using UniBeast (HighSierra to Mojave) dual boot same drive?

    Hi, I have a dual boot on the same drive with osx macOS and Windows 7. I tried to upgrade to Mojave using Unibeast and it install, but can't pass the 3rd reboot. I think the 2nd reboot went fine. My problem started in High Sierra, I read I needed Clover 5xxx to upgrade to Mojave and after...
  5. oliversl

    [SOLVED] Enabled Filevault and cannot boot

    Anyone know if this works with APFS? I got an error saying that The given APFS Volume is already encrypting or decrypting (-69573)
  6. oliversl

    MultiBeast 6.0 Update

    Many thanks! Saved profiles will save me tons of time. I save 1 profile after installing, and another for sound and network. Woohoo!!!
  7. oliversl

    GA-Z77-DS3H, sleep stopped working after 10.8.5, how to make it work again?

    Hi, My GA-Z77-DS3H does not sleep/wake anymore after 10.8.5 update. The Computer goes to sleep but the power and fan keep working, then, using mouse click o keyboard does not wake. In 10.8.4 I could sleep and power/fans shutdown properly, then I could wake with mouse or keyboard. Any help...
  8. oliversl

    [success] GA-Z77-DS3H + i5-2550k: Lion to Mtl 10.8.5 upgrade

    My GA-Z77-DS3H does not sleep anymore after 10.8.5, yous sleep?
  9. oliversl

    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide October 2013

    Sandisk Extreme II its now a better choice I think, over the Sandisk Extreme. Also Sandisk Ultra Plus is good but have less write performance.
  10. oliversl

    Profiles Based on your motherboard

    Yes, I hope this feature of profiles can be implemented. I would love to have the option to save my profile, then load that profile after an update or re-install. You can later share your profile and the profile should be upgradable to newer multi beast versions.
  11. oliversl

    MultiBeast Configs saved?

    I would be really nice. I just check-uncheck all options and if it says "update", then I install that option.
  12. oliversl

    HaswellHelper: Enhanced 10.8.4 Kernel Now Available

    But Apple already sell Haswell MBA with OSX Mountain Lion on it. I don't understand why there is no official support from Apple?
  13. oliversl

    Dual-boot: cloing MBR Win7 partition to new GPT hard disk

    I agree, and I think is the recommended way to configure a dual-boot system on a single disk. But in case someone has the same requirements as me, to be able to migrate a complex Windows 7 installation into a dual-boot with OSX on a single disk, then here is my experience. Regards, Oliver
  14. oliversl

    Dual-boot: cloing MBR Win7 partition to new GPT hard disk

    Yes, I was trying to avoid any kind of re-install or re-configuration. After many days of trial and error I solved the problem, here is how. Instructions: - create the partitions as in the tonymacx86 instructions - from a temporary Windows XP installation, clone the Windows 7 partition...
  15. oliversl

    Dual-boot: cloing MBR Win7 partition to new GPT hard disk

    Thanks Going Bald, I followed your instructions and I could have OSX Installed, Fresh Win7 installed, both selectable from chimera boot manager. I tried to create an image using Windows 7 backup, but I got an error. Maybe because I have 1 bad sector. Then, I could copy the partition using...
  16. oliversl

    Dual-boot: cloing MBR Win7 partition to new GPT hard disk

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have to use only 1 hard disk (the old one is slow/small and 1 HD use less power than 2 HD). I noted the problem with EFI boot in Windows, but I can boot via BIOS by selecting F10. I just don't want to install all the apps in Windows again. Will try...
  17. oliversl

    Dual-boot: cloing MBR Win7 partition to new GPT hard disk

    Hi, I have a Win7 MBR Hard Drive and want to clone that partition to a new GPT disk so I can dual boot OSX and Windows7. I have done: - partitioning in OSX Installing - install temporal Win7 - clone the partition using gparted from old disk to new disk, overwriting the temporal windows 7...
  18. oliversl

    GUIDE: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H + EVGA GTX 650 2Gb

    Thanks for the guide! I was looking for this motherboard in order to get a compatible motherboard with the sleep option. Just to confirm: - sleep works fine, the computer "shutdown" as when Windows is installed (led blinks, all fan are off, etc) - the GPU is detected fine after...
  19. oliversl

    [Guide] Dual Booting Mountain Lion and Windows 8

    [Guide] Mountain Lion and Windows 8 It seems that if you create only 2 partition on the drive for dual boot and there is no space left: - OSX could not create the recovery partition - Windows 7/8 will not create a special EFI partition called MSR, if you boot in UEFI mode when installing...
  20. oliversl

    Welcome to the new!

    Looking good! Miss the social share buttons...