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  1. gulios

    [Solved] macOS 10.13.6 lost Bluetooth - BCM4352/20702A3

    Hi, I have a problem with BT after upgrade from 10.13.5 to 10.13.6 on - "Asus Maximus VII Impact" motherboard. (10.13.6) - Asus Zenbook UX430UA (10.13.6 and 10.14) It's very strange because when i install combo it works until i restart PC (tested 3 installations with same results). Tried Clover...
  2. gulios

    After Installation, Can't Boot the Mojove Installation Disk

    Installation was fine on Asus UX430UA but after installed i couldn't boot with SSD(only via USB). I got KP but to fast too read anything. I was trying with EFI
  3. gulios

    [Solved] Asus Maximus VII Impact - slow boot HID: Legacy shim 2

    Hi, OS: 10.13 Beta (17A360a) SMBIOS: iMac17,1 Board: Asus Maximus VII Impact CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4600 + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB I've upgraded 10.12.6 to latest High Sierra beta on my desktop hack. Everything works fine except one thing...
  4. gulios

    [solved] Asus UX430UA - fingerprint, trackpad, Touch ID

    Hi, OS: 10.13 beta SMBIOS: MacBook Pro 14,3 I have laptop Asus UX430UA and trackpad has ELAN:fingerprint device. In System Profiler it shows device and in IOREG there is information about this. I tried find something in google but there is no information about this. Is there any chance to...
  5. gulios

    [solved] Asus UX430UA - ALC295 audio headphones crackling

    Hi, I'm trying to fix audio via headphones(very silent and crackling). I've used AppleAlc.kext(audio inject 3) and speakers/microphone works fine. Just* have a problem with headphones. Audio details ALC295: Audio device: 0x80869D71 Sub Device: 0x10431740 Codec ID:0x10EC0295 Revision: 0x0002...
  6. gulios

    [solved] ASUS UX430UA Kaby Lake HD 620 HDMI Audio not working

    Hi, macOS: 10.12.6 Graphics: "Intel HD Graphics KBL CRB 1536 MB" - without injecting I'm trying to set HDMI audio in this laptop. Internal speakers/headphones works fine on AppleALC.kext inject audio = 3 in Clover. I just want to know is it possible to set audio via HDMI on external display...
  7. gulios

    [solved] ASUS UX430UA external display HDMI not working

    Hi, i'm trying to connect external monitor via HDMI micro. spec: CPU: Kaby Lake i7-7500U GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 macOS Sierra: 10.12.6 In BIOS i had to enable CMS support because without that it doesn't work at all(no detect external monitor). Flow: - when i connect monitor via HDMI and...
  8. gulios

    [solved] BCM94352Z - UX430UA Sierra 10.12.6 wifi not working

    Hi, I've installed newset 10.12.6 and my wifi stopped working. Is not visible in SystemReport->Wi-fi. Bluetooth works fine. I've tried refresh kext cache, files permisssion etc.. but stil no luck. It worked on betas but now it doesn;t work. All patches applied in Clover. any ideas?
  9. gulios

    [solved] ASUS UX430UA keyboard backlighting

    Hi, I have a problem with keyboard backlight in my laptop. I red guides, tried patches without success. Still backlight doesn;t work FN+F3/F4 Can someone help my with this? Current status of this laptop
  10. gulios

    Asus - UX430UA - Kaby Lake i7-7500U Intel HD Graphics 620

    Hi, After almost 3 months of searching, reading, fixing etc my Asus ZenBook works great :headbang: CPU, SSD M.2 and WIFI is native supported in new High Sierra. PM works great(battery around 7hours in normal usage). Generally i can say that it's perfect model for hackintosh laptop nowdays ;)...
  11. gulios

    Functions Keys Working? > Asus G751JY

    Hi, What about FN keys in Asus G751JY laptop? Is it working for you on 10.12 PB6 ? I see that keyboard is the same as in G551JX but for me it's not working on new OS. Thx
  12. gulios

    ASUS G551JX-CN088H - no sound in internal speakers

    [solved] ASUS G551JX-CN088H - no sound in internal speakers Hi, I have a problem with audio internal speakers sound in laptop ASUS G551JX-CN088H. As i read it needs ALC668 codec(DPCIManager doesn't show me this;(), so i've downloaded: AppleHDA-272.18.1-ALC668 and HDAEnabler3.kext and...