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  1. lisai9093

    HDMI Audio on Broadwell HD5500 Help

    Hi, I've applied all patches for HDMI audio but still no sound. Here is IOreg with HDMI display connected. Thanks for any help.
  2. lisai9093

    Broadwell HDMI Audio Issue

    I've done DSDT patch (HDAU, IGPU, HDEF) and BDWframbuffer.kext binary patch but still no HDMI audio. I think the problem is in fb binary patch, which I just change DP port to HDMI port for 0x5 and 0x4 index, but not sure if it is done correctly. Here are my ioreg and screen shot from...
  3. lisai9093

    After Sleep Shows "The disk was not ejected properly" Error

    It troubles me for long time.... tried many workaround but without luck...... My laptop has 3 USB ports, 2 of them are USB3, and 1 is USB2. So here is what I did: 1. USB patched for EHC1 and XHC using Rehabman's patch. But laptop instantly wake after sleep. 2. _PRW seems to be the...
  4. lisai9093

    Where can I get BCM94352Z

    [Solved] Where can I get BCM94352Z It seems out of stock everywhere. Anyone knows where to get one? Thanks in advance. Update: Finally I found one from a part store. The card has arrived and worked well.
  5. lisai9093

    Incorrect Total CPU Package Power After Sleep

    With latest version of fakeSMC.kext by rehabman(5.3.1100), I found the total cpu power is very different before and after sleep. It is usually 5W before sleep, but can jumps to 17W after sleep, even at the same CPU frequency. However, it seems not affecting my computer. CPU temperatures are the...