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  1. CyKoDeLiC

    Dualboot Win7 and Mavericks on 4530s with Clover

    Hi there, I've wanted to dualboot my Probook. I couldn't get to install Chameleon on my SSD, so I always had to use the Install USB stick to boot from. So no I wanted to give Clover a chance. I've installed Mavericks with the prepaired USB stick and everything went fine. I've partitioned the...
  2. CyKoDeLiC

    Lost my USB boot dongle

    Hi there, I've lost my boot dongle with Chameleon installed on it. Which is the best way to build a new one on Win7?
  3. CyKoDeLiC

    Some problems with Mavericks installation on 4530s

    Hi there, I've got some problems with my recent installation of my 4530s. Occasionally I cannot use either the left mouse button or the right mouse button. Sometimes the whole system just freezes and I have to hard restart it. Is it just a driver problem? What can I send you, to get more...
  4. CyKoDeLiC

    Huge problemls with new Mavericks installation

    Hi folks, I got some really huge problems with my new Mavericks installation. Beforehand I came from 10.8.5, upgraded to 10.9 and everything was fine, except, I couldn't install any new programs. So I thought, I start right from scratch with a new installation of Mavericks. I made a dongle...
  5. CyKoDeLiC

    No free update for iWork 2013 possible

    Hi there, maybe the news reached to here too, that you can upgrade free from iWork 09 to iWork 2013 via the App Store. But as I tried that and for everybody else it worked, for me it gives me the error message: Update Unavailable with This Apple ID This update is for an app downloaded with a...
  6. CyKoDeLiC

    MAC Partition doesn't show up in bootloader anymore

    Hi there, I've got another problem with my 4530s. I was on 10.8.4 for about 2 weeks and everything was stable. But yesterday I shut down my notebook and after restart, the MAC Partition didn't show up in chimera bootloader. I always used the Unibeast USB dongle I created to start the...
  7. CyKoDeLiC

    HP Probook 4530s no Wifi signal

    HP Probook 4530s doesn't boot anymore on F.40 Hi there, I've had my notebook on 10.8.2 for half a year. Now I started my new SSD with a fresh installation of 10.8.3. Everything works fine, but I get no Wifi signal at all. I've installed the Atheros 9285 patch, but nothing changed. I can switch...
  8. CyKoDeLiC

    HP Probook 4530s won't Boot anymore

    Hi folks, in november I've bought my new notebook. I've installed Mountain Lion without any problem,because of the great guides from here. But this morning is doesn'vt boot up. There is just the apple with the spinning wheel,but nothing happens. It shut down fine yesterday. I've got a Samsung...