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  1. UtterDisbelief

    Apple Event - September 15th 2020

    I can tell by the lack of "noise" that we are all impressed with the new offerings? Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, Apple Fitness+, the new iPad Air and iPad, and Apple One Apple Watch SE seemed like an unusual move. But perhaps understandable and maybe stop confusion with Series 3...
  2. UtterDisbelief

    Simple Trick - Revitalise that old iMac

    As well as Hackintoshing I also run a couple of old real Macs, an iMac from 2015 and a Mac mini from 2014. These are pretty slow nowadays having old-fashioned laptop HDDs spinning at only 5400RPM. This makes boot-up and scrolling a round in Finder a very sluggish pass-time. Constant spinny blue...
  3. UtterDisbelief

    iTunes Error (-42408) and App Store Errors

    Part 1: The Problem Running High Sierra, I recently tried to re-install an app I'd bought from the Mac App Store and received an error telling me to try again but from the Purchased page. As I was actually on the Purchased page this seemed odd. I waited overnight in case it was a server...
  4. UtterDisbelief

    UtterDisbelief 2020 - Z390M Gaming i5-9600K 32GB RX560/RX570

    UtterDisbelief 2020 Coffee Lake Refresh Components Gigabyte Z390M-Gaming 1151 M-ATX DDR4 Motherboard Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB kit (2x16GB) 3000mhz DIMM, DDR4
  5. UtterDisbelief

    USB Audio DAC - Frustration ...

    Well I was lucky, Father Christmas bought me a nice, new hi-fi DAC to output audio to my Sennheiser headphones. For those interested it's a Cambridge Audio DACMagic XS. A natty little metal aluminium device that really does improve audio quality. Anyway, keenly I plugged it in to my PC and...
  6. UtterDisbelief

    The New Beginner's Guide to USB Port Configuration

    Pre-amble When I originally wrote the Beginner's Guide to Creating a Custom USB SSDT the idea was to demystify and simplify the process of configuring all those USB ports our PC motherboards come with, so that they worked properly under macOS. The main sticking-point for many builders was the...
  7. UtterDisbelief

    macOS Catalina 10.15.0 - USB Port-Limit Removal Patch

    With the release of macOS Catalina 10.15.0 you'll probably need a port-limit removal patch to begin your USB configuration on a new build. Here it is: As you can see we only need two patches for Catalina as opposed to four, for Mojave. Line 1 - Name*: Find*...
  8. UtterDisbelief

    Unlikely Advert?

    Might be of interest. I know not everyone sees the same adverts when they're browsing about the site, but this one popped-up for me today: What struck me was ... Is this likely? How come all those security agencies and governments have had trouble getting access to people's iPhones when all...
  9. UtterDisbelief

    New iPhone 11 Cinematic Show Reel

    If you are interested in iPhone photography, there's a pretty impressive Instagram "Story" posted half-an-hour ago - Instagram Apple Stories It will probably move along as new stories get added so may not be there too long. It certainly paints an impressive technical scope for the new...
  10. UtterDisbelief

    Security Update 2019-004 - Released July 2019

    So to coincide with the 10.14.6 Mojave point upgrade Apple also released a Security patch for High Sierra 10.13.6 - Security Update 2019-004. They put out one of these to address many of the same concerns in the previous OS version as they do in the current one. This update moves the build up...
  11. UtterDisbelief

    Favourite Linux

    I just spent a few hours evaluating some recent Linux releases and have been mightily impressed how far things have come. Last time I used Linux was on a conventional HDD, so installing to SSD - or even running from a fast USB flash-drive - is a sea-change. I tested Mint, Ubuntu and Elementary...
  12. UtterDisbelief

    Jony Ive Leaving Apple ?

    That came out of left field... Didn't it? Sounds as though someone is trying to make the change seem like nothing much really. But what does it really mean? :crazy:
  13. UtterDisbelief

    A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Custom USB SSDT

    If the prospect of reading through complex guidance to configure your USB ports gives you the heebie-jeebies then this guide is for you. We’ve pared it to the bone, researched the facts and tried to present them in a way that makes this complex subject easier to understand for someone just...
  14. UtterDisbelief

    Happy Christmas - Happy Holidays

    To all my virtual friends here on Tonymacx86, am I allowed to wish you all a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, whichever you prefer? It's great to know you all, give and get help:thumbup:
  15. UtterDisbelief

    Garageband - The Gradual Reduction in Functionality

    Like the iWork suite Garageband has lost more and more over the years becoming a shadow of it's former self. Recently I discovered my Ringtone editing software utility no longer worked in High Sierra and remembered I could use Garageband for that if push came to shove. Not so. Well, at least...
  16. UtterDisbelief

    UtterDisbelief Black-Coffee - Z370 Aorus Gaming K3, i3-8350k, RX 560, DDR4 16GB

    UtterDisbelief's Build: Gigabyte GA-Z370 Aorus Gaming K3 - i3-8350K - Gigabyte RX560 2) Darkwake but without an argument 3) System Preferences - No Wake on Network and no Enabled Power Nap That should do it :)
  17. UtterDisbelief

    An Example of How Annoying a Certain Other OS Can Be!

    So I am sometimes a fool to myself and don't even take my own advice - which happened when I booted into Win10 while my macOS SSD was still attached... I was having trouble activating my Office license and speaking via "chat" to an MS Operator. No, I wouldn't let them have access to my PC etc...
  18. UtterDisbelief

    Time to bring back Aperture, Apple?

    Now that version 6.14 (December 2017) looks to be the final stand-alone, perpetual version of Adobe's Lightroom and any future upgrades will only be through the CC membership, wouldn't it be really excellent if Apple brought back Aperture? I for one would purchase it again or upgrade (I bought...
  19. UtterDisbelief

    Christmas Clover !!

    So today is Christmas Day and thanks for that total, unexpected treat to the Clover Devs!! What a jolly way to start the day! No doubt we'll all get to see the "Christmas Egg" (?) using the latest Clover version 4359. Cheered me up do end. Happy Christmas to all here at Tonymacx86, my fellow...
  20. UtterDisbelief

    UtterDisbelief CL - Z370M-D3H, i3-8350K, RX560, 16GB, High Sierra

    UtterDisbelief's Coffee Lake Build: Gigabyte GA-Z370M-D3H - i3-8350K - Gigabyte RX560 2GB - Corsair LPX 16GB 3000ghz Slightly messy inside and needs new cables (on the way) Components Gigabyte Z370M-D3H LGA1151 M-ATX DDR4 Motherboard Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB kit (8GBx2)...