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  1. demonknight9

    Toshiba Radius 12 P20W HD 520 cannot get stable boot

    I really didn't want to create this thread, I wanted to do it on my own but after trying to work on it for the past week or so I think I need help. I have the laptop in the thread title and despite having the main components compatible I just cannot get a stable boot. I managed to boot to the...
  2. demonknight9

    New build 9900k iGPU UHD 630 black screen on boot? (FIXED]

    I have just upgraded the main components on my main build. My specs are a z390 ud motherboard and the 9900k. I am trying to enable the UHD 630 graphics but not having much luck. I have the iMac Pro SMBIOS as that works really well with my Vega 56 but in case something happens to the Vega I want...
  3. demonknight9

    Has anyone tried the Gigabyte Vega 56 OC in Mojave?

    I have just purchased this card and it's due to arrive tomorrow. I know I should have checked but I assumed that any Vega 56 would work just fine in Mojave. Looks like some have fan issues? Can anyone help? Thanks guys
  4. demonknight9

    Looking For a DSDT for a Lenovo L430 i5 3320M

    I have been trying to patch my own DSDT for this used laptop I bought but not having much success :( It has the HD 4000, I made sure of that because I know it's compatible but I can't get QE/CI enabled, amongst other things, like audio and WiFi. The WiFi is unsupported so I have another one on...
  5. demonknight9

    Sound Assertions on ALC889 every couple of mins, Help!!

    I have made my rig a few months ago and everything is working ok. Apart from the constant sound assertions I get every couple of mins. I am aware that there are great minds in TonyMac and it's thanks to this site that I have OS X. Can anyone please have a look at my IOReg and see if there is...