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  1. johnthegreat

    Can i change i7 8700k to i9 9900k and 1080ti to 2080ti

    Currently have a build with the core I7 8700k. It also has the ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 motherboard, an asus gtx 1080ti. I was wondering if I could just swap the processor and it would work out of the box since I already have functional build or if the change would require more complicated...
  2. johnthegreat

    Serial number says "To be filled by O.E.M

    Clover was set to boot up to MacPro5,1 and kept failing so each time I booted I would have to go in and change it to MacPro6,1 in the Clover Options each time. So I decided to just install the definition for MacPro6,1 from Multibeast. I installed it and everything works fine and it boots into...
  3. johnthegreat

    graphics cards that will work natively with el capitan

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me some graphics cards that will work out of the box with el capitan?
  4. johnthegreat

    screen black after boot but system responsive

    I upgraded from mavericks to el capitan. I followed the directions from the multibeast install. For the most part everything seems to be fine except my screen goes black after booting. The system is still responsive I just have no picture. My gpu is an Asus GeForce gtx 670. I've seen some people...
  5. johnthegreat

    updating to sierra from mavericks 10.9.0

    Im trying to update from mavericks 10.9.0 to the current sierra. I have an Intel core I7 3770k processor and a Gigabyte z97 ud5h motherboard. Heres a link to the motherboard on Gigabyte's website. Im just trying to find the easiest and...