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  1. BigEmperor

    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload My provider is TIM, Italy. I'm supposed to get 7 down/ 0.7 up
  2. BigEmperor

    BCM94352z on laptop

    Ok. Thanks. I will try it
  3. BigEmperor

    BCM94352z on laptop

    sorry i forgot the ioreg after sleep
  4. BigEmperor

    BCM94352z on laptop

    Hi, thanks for your help. I deleted brcmpatchram2 and BrcmFirmwareData from efi partition and i installed brcmpatchram2 and BrcmFirmwareRepo using kextbeast in S/L/E now bluetooth works well, but after sleep it's unavailable. I read some topics similar to mine, and the problem was usb related o...
  5. BigEmperor

    BCM94352z on laptop

    hi guys, i installed El Capitan on my laptop, Ux305FA core M powered. I followed this guide from jhawk To get a working wi fi, I replaced my intel card with a Bcm94352z from Lenovo. I get wi fi and Bluetooth...
  6. BigEmperor

    First Time Build - Hack Pro - Advice Needed

    GTX 740 isn't good for editing. A more power gpu are OK. For example 960 or 760. And the PSU is too powerful. 860w is good for 2 way AMD crossfire(not supported by OS X). Just take 700w or less. For ssd i'm using a crucial m550 and trascend alluminium. I'm using a BCM94360CD+pci-e adapter for wi...
  7. BigEmperor

    NoOb CustoMac

    i have 2 hackintosh, a desktop and a laptop. My systems are stable, like a real mac( i owned one), except usb. My usb can't provide 2.1A like real macs(2.1A to charge ipad). I'm using a Gigabyte motherboard, maybe using an ASUS motherboard you can get 2.1A form usb. Update are ok, i'm using...
  8. BigEmperor

    [Guide] ASUS ZENBOOK UX305FA using Clover UEFI

    Hi! I installed yosemite(thanks to jhawk). I have a problem with the config.plist. When i go to clover configurator, smbios is macbook 8,1 with everything(except macbook8,1) empty. I can't find a macbook 8,1 in smbios setup. Only manually write it. How i can fill the empty spaces?
  9. BigEmperor

    Login screen resolution wrong

    Hi! i own a zenbook ux305 FHD. I followed a guide in this site to get an hackintosh. But i have a problem whit resolution. I set it at 1280x720, but at login the resolution is 1920x1080. How i can fix it? i tried to change resolution in the bootloader, but it don't work
  10. BigEmperor

    [Guide] ASUS ZENBOOK UX305FA using Clover UEFI

    hi! I owm a zenbook ux305 fhD 4GB RAM and 128GB ssd. i followed this guide and i get a dual boot yosemite and windows 8.1. But i have some issues in mac. My touchpad is recognized by os, but i don't have two finger scroll and other features. How i can fix?
  11. BigEmperor

    ASUS Zenbook UX305 compatability

    really? Thanks, but if I delete msr partition, my Windows partition will bricks?
  12. BigEmperor

    ASUS Zenbook UX305 compatability

    hi| I'm BigEmperor and i own a zenbook ux305. How i can do a dual boot? i own one dualboot windows 8.1 and mac os x 10.10.5 on my desktop, two separate drives. But i don't know about dual boot in single drive. I splitted my windows partiton in two half. Then i booted in installer and opened Disk...
  13. BigEmperor

    New Beginner

    3) OS X can read windows partition(NFTS)but can't write Windows can't recognize Mac OS X partition(hfs+) Fat32 is a universal file sistem, can be read and written by mac and windows,but each file over 4gb can't be stored. Solution? ExFat or Fat64(are the same thing) in a third hard disk, used...
  14. BigEmperor

    charge Ipad using Motherboard USB

    hi! I'm using z97m-d3h motherboard, from gigabyte. It supports gigabyte ON/OFF charge. It can charge faster some devices, like my iphone or my ipad(it charge at 1A, normal usb give only 0,5A). But when i connect to mac my ipad, it displays "not charging". Under sistem information, usb give only...
  15. BigEmperor

    New Build

    I guess your motherboard is not completely supported. Go here
  16. BigEmperor

    H97 Gaming boards??

    i'm using z97m-d3h from gigabyte. i don't know about asus, but my gigabyte motherboard work good using clover bootloader. Gigabyte is the best for Chimera and Chamaleon installs(no dsdt needed). In clover it's about the same as Asus. Just check if Lan and Audio are supported out of the box or by...
  17. BigEmperor

    Continuity and Handoff Capable Apple Mini Cards + PCIe and mini-PCIe Adapters

    using a official supported Wi-fi and bluetooth combo card is the best solution. No activation tool required. I'm using bcm94360cd from real iMac and a pci-adapter.
  18. BigEmperor

    Problem with start new installation

    try to remove everything is not necessary, like hard disk,3 stick of ram, audio card and video card. Unplug all USB devices except keyboard,mouse and USB installer.
  19. BigEmperor

    Gigabyte 750 ti can't install Nvida web driver

    i solved setting SMBIOS as Mac Pro 3,1, no kernel panic error. Then i installed web driver and i reset SMBIOS as Imac 14,2. Now GPU works great
  20. BigEmperor

    Gigabyte 750 ti can't install Nvida web driver

    Hy guys I'm BigEmperor.:D I have installed Yosemite using Clover. Everything works good except dedicated GPU. I read about nvidia web driver but i can't install. My Clover SMBIOS is a iMac 14,2 and when i try to change and get Mac Pro 5,1 i reach a Kernel Panic. My configuration is: motherboard...