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  1. deffie

    Remember last choice

    Hello everyone, is chimera able to remember your last booted device and boot it automatically, after timeout, next time ? Thank you, Giacomo
  2. deffie

    GA-P35-DS3P sleep = irreversible coma

    Hanging my head, it works perfectly, i were missing AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext.
  3. deffie

    GA-P35-DS3P sleep = irreversible coma

    Hello everyone, I recently updated my 10.7 system to 10.7.5 willing to clean it from "aggressive" kexts and to have a fully working sleep. I've worked on the DSDT to make the USB/FW ports internal using the IDs from ICH10 and it works, i've added SMbus patches found on the internet, patch to...