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  1. hzxyb

    [Solved] Install High Sierra with UniBeast 8.1 & MultiBeast 10.1, display resolution is incorrect.

    install high Sierra by USB, boot from USB,the display resolution is correct, but the display size is incorrect. resolution can scaled to 1920*1080, but the system UI operation is very slowly. after install MultiBeast 10.1.1, boot from local drive, the display resolution is incorrect, but the...
  2. hzxyb

    The system cannot correctly identify the 4k display resolution

    as the title, the screenshots as below. also can't enable 1080P hiDPI. the display default resolution should be 3840x2160, but the system is 1920x2160,it's can I clear this issue?
  3. hzxyb

    can't set resolution to 3840*2160 4K displayer

    CPU:i7 4770 motherboard:ASUS H87M-PRo Graphics:HD4600 Monitor: AOC U2879VF (max resolution 3840*2160 60HZ) use clover for bootloader, enabled HiDPI,but can't use 3840*2160, RDM no 3840*2160 option. anyone can help me to solve this problem? thanks !
  4. hzxyb

    Request:Patch BIOS for ASUS H87M-Pro

    anybody can help me to patch the bios for asus h87m-pro? the a attachment is my dsdt file , extract by dpcimanager.
  5. hzxyb

    use unibeast make os x installer failed.

    unibeast verstion3.01 os x verstion:10.9.2 error information:install log. Mar 21 09:52:36 PandadeMac-Pro.local installd[388]: ./postinstall: UniBeast Phase 3 of 7 Starting Mar 21 09:52:36 PandadeMac-Pro.local installd[388]: ./postinstall: UniBeast Phase 4 of 7 Starting Mar 21 10:01:29...
  6. hzxyb

    can't use unibeast to make os x usb installer

    I download the os x installer file from apple app store, use unibeast to make usb installer,but occur a error as below. I have format the usb drive and create mac partition.detail information as below.
  7. hzxyb

    who can help me to sovle the dsdt error for ASUS H87M-Pro

    my computer information: mainboard:ASUS H87M-PRO CPU:i7 4770 memory:16GB mac osx 10.9.2 now I can use RLC892 kext to drive my network card. I try to modify my dsdt to drive the hd4600 & audio , dsdt has 86 errors ,I use dsdt editor fixed about 81 errors, but still has 5 error ,when I try to fix...