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  1. pastrychef

    Corsair Recalls SF Power Supplies

  2. pastrychef

    50% off Affinity apps (Publisher, Photo, Designer)

    Affinity is currently offering 50% discount on all their apps.
  3. pastrychef

    The case against buying Gigabyte Z390 motherboards

    Reason #1 For those who intend on using IGPU only, many (most? all?) Gigabyte Z390 motherboards require framebuffer patching before the motherboard video out ports will work. These fixes may prove to be a bit daunting for beginners. It's just an issue that can be completely avoided by...
  4. pastrychef

    Dell Latitude 3450 i5-5200u HD5500

    Dell Latitude 3450 i5-5200u HD5500 (This is an updated and vastly simplified guide. Original guide can be found here.) Comments My laptop needs are very basic, I always return to my desktop for any heavy lifting. I lived with an ancient 2009 MacBook all the way to 2017. What finally triggered...
  5. pastrychef

    Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming build with working NVRAM

    Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming Build Components Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming Motherboard > Amazon, Newegg Intel i9-9900K Processor > Amazon, Newegg Noctua NH-D15S CPU Cooler > Amazon, Newegg Oloy DDR4 3200MHz 4x16GB RAM > Amazon, Newegg PowerColor Radeon VII > Amacon, Newegg BCM94360CS2 on PCI-e Adaptor >...
  6. pastrychef

    Refurbished Dell OptiPlex 5040 (Skylake) starting at $160 for i5

    Go to Select an OptiPlex 5040. Use 50% off coupon code "DESK5040SALE".
  7. pastrychef

    Apple planning to use randomized serial numbers in 2020
  8. pastrychef

    Keyboard Maestro + MIDI Interface Questions

    I'm looking for someone who has had experience with using Keyboard Maestro with a MIDI interface. How difficult is it to configure sliders and knobs to be used for thing such as scrubbing videos and/or volume control? Can Keyboard Maestro be configured on a "per app" basis? i.e. can the same...
  9. pastrychef

    AMD vs Intel 2019 Edition

    Yeah, these are really meant for servers. But I can see them using 3950x, 3960x, or 3970x Threadrippers. Those would allow for quieter systems. Source:
  10. pastrychef

    Cult of Mac - Ultimate Q4 Mac Freebie Bundle

    Cult of Mac is giving away the following apps all for free in a single bundle: Clipsy Clipboard Manager Cover Desk Wifi Signal Strength Status Mission Control Plus AirRadar 5 Disk Guardian 5 Workspaces 1.5...
  11. pastrychef

    To AMD RX 580 or RX 570 owners. How well do they handle HEVC?

    I'm wondering how well the RX 580 and RX 570 handle HEVC... If time permits, please download the Sony Food Fizzle 4K Demo and see how it plays in QuickTime. On my Z370 build (with IGPU disabled), the AMD Vega 56 plays the video beautifully. On my Skylake Clunker build, the RX 560 is like a...
  12. pastrychef

    How to jury-rig an external power supply for your GPU

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any damage you may incur with this. Use the following information at your own risk. All credit for the info below goes to nando4 over at the forum. For those of you with pre-built systems such as those from Dell or HP, you may find that the...
  13. pastrychef

    Moonlighter and This War of Mine free from Epic Games

    Epic games is giving away Moonlighter and This War of Mine.
  14. pastrychef

    Updated to 10.14.6 without any Problems

    No problems at all. *Note: My Radeon VII is on RMA and I have my Vega 56 installed at the moment which is why it shows 8GB. I have my System Information > PCI info populated and was too lazy to change the...
  15. pastrychef

    Torchlight game for free!!

    Epic Games is giving away Torchlight. It's a Windows game, but can't argue with free... I really enjoyed playing this one a few years back.
  16. pastrychef

    Magic Mouse 2 on sale at Target for $40

    Target has the Magic Mouse 2 on sale for $40.
  17. pastrychef

    indiegala giving away Deponia for free!

  18. pastrychef

    pastrychef's $62 Dell OptiPlex 3050 Clunker - i3-6100 - RX 560

    pastrychef's $62 Dell OptiPlex 3050 Clunker i3-6100 - RX 560 Components Dell OptiPlex 3050 MT (B250 chipset) Already Owned i3-6100 8GB 4GB RAM (foiled by shoddy Samsung quality again...) GT 640 (Kepler based) PowerColor RX 560 DHV2/OC Apple BRCM94360CSAX w/ PCI-e adaptor Comments The Story...
  19. pastrychef

    120GB SSD @ $20

    Newegg is selling a Team Group 120GB SSD at only $20. While it may be too small to use as a boot drive by today's standards, you can use it to make bootable backups or pair it with a large hard drive to make a nice Fusion drive or...
  20. pastrychef

    Full Throttle - Free from is giving away Full Throttle.