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  1. woodyargentina

    slow keyboard response

    Hi! I have a logitech wireless keyboard MK520, and when typing text or using software like photoshop, or internet, anyway, for moments my keyboard responds belatedly (slow). Any idea can be happend? thanks!
  2. woodyargentina

    Boot0 error in Haswell

    Hi! I'm purchase this machine: - INTEL CORE I7 4770K HASWELL 3.5 - GA-Z87X-UD5H - 32 GB - HD 1TB SATA3 BARRACUDA - Asus Geforce Gtx660 Directcu II 2gb Ddr5 Pci-e - Fuente 600w Install ok snow leopard, but when I'm install Multibeast, don't boot! boot0 error please help!!! :( salud!