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  1. Katsuma

    [solved] Spotlight Search

    In Sierra and High Sierra, the Win Key + Space (CMD+SPACE) brought up the Spotlight Search but after moving to Mojave, I must now use the ALT key + Space. Did Apple make this change or is this is only on integrated keyboards and it all go back to normal if I switch to a USB keyboard?
  2. Katsuma

    [ PCI configuration begin ] with 10.6.X

    Hello: My recently acquired Dell Latitude E6410 shows me a [ PCI configuration begin ] error when installing with iBoot 3.0.0 CD and SL 10.6.3 Retail DVD. I know (or believe that) my BIOS setting are fine as if I use iBoot 2.7.2 CD, all goes well. I had one issue on 10.6.3 and the fix was to...