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  1. Katsuma

    What's After Mavericks

    Seven years later and you haven't given up on Bug Sur. Amazing!! :lol:
  2. Katsuma

    Intel Dual Band Wireless-Ac 8265 Is MacOS Compatible? Does that mean the above will not work? I going to try on E5440 but I can't until Saturday. >>IntelBluetoothFirmware is a Kernel Extension that uploads Intel Wireless Bluetooth Firmware to provide native Bluetooth in macOS.<<
  3. Katsuma

    Name the Next macOS (11.0)

    Pommier Nice, but since Kurama is a nine-tail beast, that would be best served for macOS 10.19 or an internal code name.
  4. Katsuma

    Gigabyte Z270X Ultra Gaming

    I tried to Catalina. It runs fine but when I put any USB 3.0 drives in the USB 3.0 port, it is not detected. If I then put the system to sleep, all the LEDs, fan, and screen shut off after 30 seconds. I can then wake up the system and then the ports will detect USB 3.0 drives until I shutdown...
  5. Katsuma

    Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Mac OS Sierra Installation

    You are probably making the same mistake I made for an entire week. The BiOS and USB needs to be set up for Legacy The HDD/SSD needs to be set up for 'Install in the ESP' with 'boot0af' option.
  6. Katsuma

    Problems installing High Sierra on a Dell Latitude E5440

    I tried to use your config.plist ONLY and it shows up as an iMac when booted. Now I know I can spoof an iMac whenever I want so thank you very much. I saw only one kext in your folder and using it made it reboot at the Apple logo. There are two E5440s. One with 1600x900. Another with...
  7. Katsuma

    MSI RX 580 8gb $220 AR or $195 with Mastercard Checkout

    Newegg sent me an email last week saying I could get it for under US$180.00. After checking past builds and Newegg's reviews, I'm going to pass on it. Thanks a bunch.
  8. Katsuma

    [solved] Spotlight Search

    It is back to normal now. Thanks. Can you take a look and see what I can improve? Wifi doesn't work (and same says it works for them) and I am told I can swap it out or use a USB one. For now, I use HoRNDIS and my Nexus phone as a USB dongle. The card reader doesn't show up in the About This...
  9. Katsuma

    [solved] Spotlight Search

    I found a VoodooPS2 for trackpad and controller. The trackpad kext was in the kext folder but not in the Other but sitting next to the 10.14 folder. That may have explained why the mouse felt heavy/slow.
  10. Katsuma

    [solved] Spotlight Search

    I did check that. Thank you. It's actually my updated EFI folder so it must be a kext as I now boot from an old EFI in USB and it fine. Also notice the trackpad felt heavy/slow so it must be related. On mobile at the moment so I can't the files just yet.
  11. Katsuma

    [solved] Spotlight Search

    In Sierra and High Sierra, the Win Key + Space (CMD+SPACE) brought up the Spotlight Search but after moving to Mojave, I must now use the ALT key + Space. Did Apple make this change or is this is only on integrated keyboards and it all go back to normal if I switch to a USB keyboard?
  12. Katsuma

    [Solved] HoRNDIS

    It's compatible now.... or at least for me. ;) My phone (Nexus 5) works and I also moved the kext to the Other folder of the HDD and USB so it's available during boot and reinstalls of macOS.
  13. Katsuma

    Gigabyte Z270X Ultra Gaming

    Mojave works okay so far and it took an hour to fix the audio and mic. I thought it was due to moving to iMacPro1,1 from Imac18,3 but it wasn't.
  14. Katsuma

    Dell E6410 High Sierra Audio, SD Reader, Keyboard & Trackpad

    How much RAM/memory do you have installed? And are you still using MacPro3,1? I normally stick with SL for my old programs but I do have a spare HDD that I can test HS Just be aware that my CPU is a M640 verses your M620 so I may not run into the same issue.
  15. Katsuma

    [ PCI configuration begin ] with 10.6.X

    Fixed after flushing the Trash. Thanks, TonyMacx86.
  16. Katsuma

    [ PCI configuration begin ] with 10.6.X

    Hello: My recently acquired Dell Latitude E6410 shows me a [ PCI configuration begin ] error when installing with iBoot 3.0.0 CD and SL 10.6.3 Retail DVD. I know (or believe that) my BIOS setting are fine as if I use iBoot 2.7.2 CD, all goes well. I had one issue on 10.6.3 and the fix was to...
  17. Katsuma

    Realtek ALC1220 (S1220A) Owner Thread

    I'm going to have to test that with my Z270X UG. If you have the time, can you boot with verbose enable and see if there is a warning message about iTunes?
  18. Katsuma

    What is the best MAC OS version for Dell Latitude E6410

    Someone asked me to fix one of these as it would not past POST. I later found out one of the USB ports got broken and was shorting out the motherboard when POST handed over USB to the OS. Eventually, I found that USB had to be disabled in the BIOS or open the E6410 and stop the USB pins from...
  19. Katsuma

    [SOLVED] Intel i7-7700k - "Mac OS X is not supported" HELP PLEASE

    Glad you solved it. I had that problem and 17,1 was my fix. Do you have sleep issues? If no, then it looks like I will eventually have to buy a video card too.
  20. Katsuma

    Gigabyte Z270X Ultra Gaming

    Problems I had. 1. Didn’t remove video card. 2. Didn’t upload apps.efi in EFI folder. 3. Didn’t stop clover from booting to HD 4. Didn’t budget 1 hour for upgrade. And the major one..... using 17,1 over 14,2.