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  1. lxhxxnxxx

    Missing boot option Clover bootloader

    Hi all, So I just updated my hack from Mojave to Catalina, you know the usual stuff, finding, trying, fixing.. No I'm at the point that I can't boot to login screen. It was passed to Logo, Progress Bar, but then broken graphics. Also in the 1st Clover screen, I have only 1 option 'Boot macOS...
  2. lxhxxnxxx

    [GUIDE] Installing 3rd Party Kexts - El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina

    Hi where did you find the v2.5.1 version of those? I used 2.3.0 and it didn't work so I want to try this new version. Thank you.
  3. lxhxxnxxx

    Mac Mini replacement

    - From what I heard, if you're using iGPU, than ram speed does matter. 90€ is way too much for the difference though. - Why not just go with the stock cooler first? Maybe it's just me. But I only use non-K CPUs, and with the stock coolers. I do love the aftermarket coolers' look but that's about...
  4. lxhxxnxxx

    [Success] First Build, Core i5-8400, GA Z370N WIFI, i630, Airport card

    I was using a USB3 stick and it was fine. I was using the front ports on my case I think. What was the error you're getting?
  5. lxhxxnxxx

    help me build a tiny yet powerful device

    Yeah those work fine for me.
  6. lxhxxnxxx

    help me build a tiny yet powerful device

    You'll be fine with the Noctua Cooler. I personally think stock coolers is enough for non-K CPUs. (I use them). Your specs are somewhat similar to mine. So for what you need it should work no problem. I thought about the Node202 when choosing parts. But left it out mainly because I didn't need...
  7. lxhxxnxxx

    First build for 4k editing, help & advise.

    I mean, it can. I'm using Z370n with 8400 for 4k editing, not even with a GPU. Not doing it professionally though.
  8. lxhxxnxxx

    Newbie. Build seem okay?

    I don't think that cooler will fit into your case.
  9. lxhxxnxxx

    [Success] First Build, Core i5-8400, GA Z370N WIFI, i630, Airport card

    FYI, I follow RehabMan instructions, then do the audio drivers :). Both work now.
  10. lxhxxnxxx

    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    Hi RehabMan. Can you help me check if my SSDT config is legit? I'm (still) trying to solve my sleep/ wake problem: - With my USB keyboard plug-in. I can't put my hack to sleep, choosing Sleep having the same effect as Lock Screen. - With my USB keyboard un-plugged. It goes to sleep (every...
  11. lxhxxnxxx

    [SOLVED] Problem report: System does not fully sleep (MB power stays on)

    FWIW, the solution OP mentioned doesn't make sense. The custom SSDT is made for USBInjectAll.kext to use so if you delete USBInjectAll.kext, there's no use of that custom SSDT.
  12. lxhxxnxxx

    New Member, New Build List

    I'm pretty sure you're not going to overclock your CPU (based on your post). So the Ks are not necessary. I won't argue on whether the i5-8400 (what I use) or i3-8350K is better. But for what you need, a non-K i3 is enough (i3-8300). Btw, K-CPUs don't come with stock cooler (ie. fan), you'll...
  13. lxhxxnxxx

    Problem with how hacktintosh shows up on Apple Account

    So this is not really a problem, but it bugs me. So here I have 2 devices show up who kinda link to my hackintosh: - hackintosh: this is my pc's name. If I remove it, I need to login my iCloud account again. Then it would show up again. It also has the same Serial number as I have in 'About...
  14. lxhxxnxxx

    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    Yes you should unplug everything before the port discovering part.
  15. lxhxxnxxx

    BCM94352Z bluetooth lag.

    I'm traveling so not with my hack atm. I can provide files if needed after getting back (tomorrow). The hack process wasn't not problematic as I remember though. I followed this: Also here what I found what's similar to...
  16. lxhxxnxxx

    BCM94352Z bluetooth lag.

    Anyone has a solution for this?
  17. lxhxxnxxx

    My Hackintosh Is Running Ok?

    If you're happy. It's running properly. Generally I'll say to check all your hardware components if they're show up properly. Ram? GPU? SSD? HDD? A hack is different for everyone. Some people wants thunderbolt display, some wants wifi. Some just don't care about those (me). The more you want...
  18. lxhxxnxxx

    Power Nap issues - B250F

    This would be a good one to follow:
  19. lxhxxnxxx

    Budget i3 8100 GTX + 1050Ti

    Built in wifi doesn't work. If you need wifi, you'll need to replace that module. Go with cheap if it has what you need.
  20. lxhxxnxxx

    GA Z370 Gaming 5 or 7 With 8700K or 8086K

    Gaming 7 and 8700K. Since there's a golden build using those: