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  1. Greatwoolf

    My First Mac Case Mod (G4 Graphite)
  2. Greatwoolf

    G4 Mod - Remove aluminum Block?

    I know I'm probably late, but yes, just grab it with the pliers and twist like a bottle cap... it will release
  3. Greatwoolf

    Power Mac G4 Stormtrooper Case Mod

    Wow... I love it, great color choice, congratulations!.
  4. Greatwoolf

    some old guy's g4 Quicksilver

    Looking at your pictures, it looks like I will have to find another MB. The one I was thinking of has the memory slots right at the standoff, yours is way before and you still had issues closing the door. Great job so far, cant wait to see it done. Edit: can you post your MB dimensions please?
  5. Greatwoolf

    G4 Quicksilver Coffee Lake Build

    I have sawtooth G4 back in the US, Its a 400 Mhtz and the thing still runs like new. I've been doing my research so when I get back I can start doing my upgrading. I should be back in the states in 2-3 months (God willing), and then I will start the project with Updates in this forum. My goal is...
  6. Greatwoolf

    G4 Quicksilver Coffee Lake Build

    That looks great! Could you do me a favor? could you please measure the distance from your MB to the Hinge of the door?
  7. Greatwoolf

    G4 Quicksilver Coffee Lake Build

    How is the AIO pump messing with the PSU?
  8. Greatwoolf

    Is there ANY hardware that can be reused on a DP Power Mac G4?

    IMHO, Hackintoshing is more about getting OSX working on aftermarket parts, and have it do so at a lower cost when compered to an of the shelve Mac; but then there are some of us who really love our Macs, and would like to give them new life, and as such, we work on bringing new life to them...
  9. Greatwoolf

    G4 Quicksilver Coffee Lake Build

    Excellent start, cant wait to see more and get inspired to get mine started. I am still a bit unsure about going with an 8 Gen or a 7 Gen processor; only because the current 8Gen Mother Boards dont have the form factor I need to do what I want. Any way good luck, and like I said, cant wait to...
  10. Greatwoolf

    [Completed] G4 Case Hack: Maca-chu

    Excellent work, I cant wait to get back to the US, and start on my project in the next few months. Can you tell me how much clearance you had for the CPU cooler? I'm trying to figure if the Cooling solution I wanted will fit. Thanks! I really like the Original look to it. I am thinking of...
  11. Greatwoolf

    [Completed] G4 Case Hack: Maca-chu

    What are you using for a PSU? I was thinking about using This: Just for the form factor, it keeps the fans as the original helping extract the hot air. Also thinking about This...
  12. Greatwoolf

    [Completed] G4 Case Hack: Maca-chu

    very nice, hope to see more updates.
  13. Greatwoolf

    Power Mac G4 Digital Audio Build with Case Mod.

    Im stii hoping for updates to the build or evn just final pics.
  14. Greatwoolf

    Power Mac G4 Stormtrooper Case Mod

    wish there were more updates on this build...
  15. Greatwoolf

    Power Mac G4 "Rainbow Apple" Build

    Long time lurker 1st time poster, I had to make an acc just to make sure you know that there are some of us wanting to see this build finished.... i mean with hardware inside and booting... so please make sure to continue ... Thank you , and great build.