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  1. Jithin.C.V

    Installing Yosemite - Apple logo for 1 second then reboots

    See forum rules So update your build's hardware details under Profile > Basic Information section in the below format (Profile link is available on the upper right side of this website). System : Motherboard + BIOS Version + Bootloader (Clover/Chameleon/Chimera) CPU : Detailed CPU Model...
  2. Jithin.C.V

    SSDT Compile Errors

    Hi RehabMan, Hope you are doing well...! I am in a process of patching DSDT/SSDTs. Extracted ACPI tables from Ubuntu. Then disassembled with iasl. While opening the resulting SSDT1.dsl getting around 65 errors. Kindly help me to get the SSDT1.dsl as error free. Attached...
  3. Jithin.C.V

    Image linked to user?

    The package is same for everyone.
  4. Jithin.C.V

    Failing to apply Binary patch to AppleHDA.kext

    [SOLVED]Failing to apply Binary patch to AppleHDA.kext Hi, I am using myself patched AppleHDA.kext for enabling my audio. Previously i was patched 10.9.x's native AppleHDA.kext when i was running Mavericks. The same kext i am using in Yosemite now. Today i have tried to patch native kext of...
  5. Jithin.C.V

    "Disk Not Ejected Properly" after wake up from sleep.

    Hi, As mentioned in the title i am facing the issue after wake up from sleep. Laptop going smoothly to sleep and wake up also working fine, but once it is waked up from sleep suddenly i am getting the message Then the device will remount too. Any idea about the cause of this or solution...
  6. Jithin.C.V

    Unable to BOOT into Windows through CLOVER in Legacy BIOS System.

    Hi All, I have a problem with the boot loader “CLOVER”. My laptop have Legacy BIOS, so i cannot go for any UEFI methods. I have created 4 Partitions as shown below, Installed Yosemite on the First Partition. Installed Windows 8 Enterprise 64 Bit to the Second Partition...
  7. Jithin.C.V

    Install GTX750

    As per my knowledge you can enable only one graphics adapter at a time.
  8. Jithin.C.V

    How do I remove boot options from clover?

    You can set the CLOVER timeout value to 0. So that it will not show the CLOVER bootloader screen.
  9. Jithin.C.V

    How to enable brightness control on Dell Inspiron 15R (N5150)

    Hi All, I had just installed the OS X 10.10 Yosemite on my Dell Inspiron 15R (N5150) laptop. I just got enabled the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 through CLOER injection. However, my laptop is running with very low brightness. How to enable the brightness control in Sys Pref==>Display...
  10. Jithin.C.V

    Unable to enable Audio on ALC272 (OS X Mavericks)

    Hi All, I had tried multiple ways to enable audio on my laptop Lenovo Z570. It having the ALC272 audio codec. I know that we can enable the audio by installing voodooHDA 2.7.3, but i have some issues with the voodooHDA method. So i would like to enable the audio through native method. I...
  11. Jithin.C.V

    Haswell Brightness Fix not enabling the brightness slider (Intel HD4400)

    Hi, I had followed the Guide for enabling the brightness slider in my Lenovo Z50-70 Laptop. I am running OS X Mavericks on it. Extracted the DSDT/SSDTs through patchmatic binary...
  12. Jithin.C.V

    Is there any way to enable RTL8723BE WI-FI and Integrated Audio in OS X 10.9

    Hi, Recently i had purchased a new Lenovo Laptop. Specs are as below; Model : Lenovo Z50-70 (59-429601) CPU : Intel Core i5 (4210U, Haswell) Chipset : QM87 System Memory : 4GB DDR3 Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 4400 Supported Resolution : 1920x1080x32 Audio : Haswell-ULT HD Audio...
  13. Jithin.C.V

    Unable to boot into OS X with bootloaders in Lenovo Z570

    Hi, I had recently installed MAC OS X 10.9 Mavricks in my LENOVO Z570 (Core i3,GFX-Intel HD3000). Installation got successful, but my laptop failing to boot with the Boot Loaders. It is always booting with the help of my Unibeast installation Pen Drive. I tried multiple Boot Loaders...